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From masterpieces by the greats like Monet and Cezanne to a raucous Bohemian culture around Montmartre to excellent food and wine tours, a guided tour to France allows you to see and experience pretty much everything the country is known for. Take a guided tour around the streets of Old Town in Nice, where you might learn about the local secret stories of the area and find side streets filled with hidden gems like local restaurants and architectural marvels. Or hop on a wine-tasting tour in the Champagne region and visit the vineyards you might have missed as a solo traveler.

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France Guided Tours

Watch the Eiffel tower on a sunny day on France guided tours.
Guided tours in France ensure that you know the culture and history of the destinations you are visiting.

Here are some of our favorite guided tours to France.

  • Take a guided cycling tour in Bordeaux: The Bordeaux region of France is known the world over for its wine, its landscapes, and its architecture. All of these things can be better appreciated on two wheels. Thanks to the predominantly flat landscape and the miles of cycle paths, you can follow an expert guide through this beautiful region of France, stopping off at the Cathedrale Saint-Andre and winding around the Garonne River.
  • Explore castles in Loire Valley with a guide: If you love chateaux and castles, the Loire Valley has around 100 kilometers of them to explore. Learn about the different architectural styles and histories of the castles from your expert local guide. You can expect to visit Chateau de Chaumont-sur-Loire, Chateau de Chambord, Chateau de Chenonceau, and many more — some of which you will not be able to get into unless you are on an organized tour. 
  • Learn about Normandy’s history on a guided tour: The Normandy region in the north of France has a history unlike anywhere else. With a knowledgeable guide by your side, you can truly understand and appreciate the culture and history of this region. From being a Viking stronghold to its fractured status following the French revolution to falling under the Nazi occupation during World War II, this region is full of historical sights.

France guided tours by age

We have guided tours in France that cater to different age ranges.

A woman stretches her arms to welcome the view of Marseille.
France guided tours for 18-39 years:
With an age range such as 18-39, your guided tour might be a bit more fast-paced with multiple stops to fit everything in.
A lady reads a book at the fountain in the Palais-Royal garden in Paris.
France guided tours for 70 years and above:
With a 70+ guided tour around France, the pace will naturally be a lot slower and the accommodation and travel tend to be more comfortable.

France guided tours based on a budget

  • Luxury guided tours in France: On a luxury guided tour around France, you can expect impressive excursions like a private after-hours tour around the Louvre with an art history expert or a champagne-filled tour around the vineyards of the Champagne region. Travel in style in private cars or, if you are on the French Riviera, by helicopter or yacht. Luxury guided tours in France mean small travel groups, exclusive experiences, and unbeatable comfort.
  • Budget guided tours in France: If you are traveling to France on a shoestring budget, guided tours can actually be a good way to see a lot of different places without having to spend a fortune on transfers and individual excursions. Explore different parts of France, like the lavender fields of Provence, or the beaches of Brittany, staying with locals or in independent hostels, where you can learn more about French culture.

Guided tours to France based on popular travel theme

Here are the most popular guided tours of France based on themes.

Tourists view the sights in France on a cycling tour.
A guided bicycle tour in France is a great way to see the country, as you do not need to worry about hauling all your luggage with you.
See Chateau de Chenonceau on a France history guided tour.
Learn all about the different eras in French history and discover historical sights in a whole new light with your guide.

Duration-based France guided tours

We have France guided tours that suit any amount of time you want to spend in the country.

Should you have custom requirements when designing a perfect group tour in France, you could also submit a customized trip request for France to our local travel experts customized trip request for France to our local travel experts as well.

Travel experience and benefits of France guided tours

  • Take a guided food tour around the gastronomic hub of Lyon. Find all the best hotspots with a local foodie guide.
  • Hike the Cote D’Azur trail in the south of France with a guide who will help arrange accommodation and porter services for you on every step of the way.
  • Hit up the French alps in the summer with a guide and try your hand at mountain biking. Guided tours will include bike hire, safety gear, and support so that you feel safe on the mountain trails.
  • You can gain insight into the culture and history of France, which can be difficult to understand without the necessary context that guides can provide.

Tips when doing guided tours of France

  • Tipping your guide is not expected in France, but it is pretty standard. For a guided tour, an excellent tip is around USD 5* to USD 20 per day.
  • France loves a leisurely meal and service cannot be rushed. So give yourself plenty of time to meet back up with your guided tour at a set time.
  • Although your tour guide can speak both, a little French goes a long way if you are talking to shop owners, accommodation staff, or waiters.

*Note: The prices mentioned are of 2023 and are subject to change.

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