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Set sail on a voyage of a lifetime with our action-packed cruise tours. Unpack your bags and watch spell-binding scenery float past the porthole in Antarctica. Savor exotic sights in Asia or sail around idyllic Pacific islands—the choice is yours. Yearning to learn about Europe’s fascinating history? Jump on a trans-continental European River cruise. If ancient history is more up your alley, cruise down the Nile to admire the cradle of civilization first-hand.

Whatever floats your boat, you’ll find the perfect option on our eclectic list of cruise trips below.

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Top Cruise Tours

Santorini island
A cruise in Santorini, Greece

Cruise Tours and Expeditions

Going on a cruise is synonymous to having a good time. Watching huge bodies of water gives you a calming sensation and takes you to a relaxed state, and what better way to do that than on a cruise with water all around you.

Doing a cruise may also represent a great sightseeing opportunity for the cities having canals such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen, including many others.

Cruises may also be designed as a part of a safari trip in Africa to get access to hidden channels, rivers and lakes to observe animals living in or around water.

Apart from that, you can spend a romantic evening with your loved one, enjoying a romantic dinner on board a cruise. Many cruises are one-day trips, however, there are cruises that may last several days as well.

Some people may be prone to sea sickness so please be aware here of and prep accordingly.

You will be able to find some great cruises in the following destinations:

Cruises tours in the USA 
Cruises tours in Hungary
Cruises tours in Argentina

Bon Voyage!


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