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About Us

Bookmundi is a Denmark based, but global travel booking portal where you effortlessly can book day tours, fixed group departures, holidays and vacation packages in 130+ countries around the world.

Today, booking the right tour or holiday package has become a time consuming and painful process. Which tour operator is qualified? What’s the right tour price? When you pay an upfront deposit to an unknown tour operator, is your money safe? Are the reviews seen on a local operators website genuine?

Bookmundi gives you a painless and easy tour booking process by:

  • Only offering tours delivered by qualified and licensed tour operators, supported by unbiased and genuine customer reviews.
  • Giving you a Best Price Guarantee for all tours offered.
  • Giving you a safe way to pay for tours around the world, with Bookmundi covering all credit card fees, and not adding any extra fees on top.
  • Connecting you directly with a local travel expert around the world, if you need a customised tour package, and local travel advice.
  • 15,000+ Tours and holidays
  • 25,000 Trip Reviews
  • 130+ Countries Covered
  • 1,500+ Tour Operators

Why Bookmundi

1 Best Prices

Amazing travel experiences are priceless. However, knowing that you got the best price, makes them even better. With a Best Price Guarantee on all tours, you always get the best deal on Bookmundi.

2 World Wide Selection of Tours

Offering tours in 130+ countries and on all continents, except Antarctica, allows you to easily find and book your favourite day tours and package tours across the world.

3 Qualified Tour Operators

We insist on a very high tour quality and therefore only work with qualified and professional tour companies. In fact, we reject up to 90% of the tour operator applications that we get. The result speaks for itself 25,000 customer reviews with an average score of 4.8 out of 5.0 possible.

4 Direct Chat with Operators

Have you found the perfect tour on Bookmundi, but wish to enquire about a few tour details, or customise the tour to your own liking? For all tours, you can make an enquiry directly with the tour operator, and get a customised tour offer.

Rasmus Juul Olsen
" I founded Bookmundi with a clear vision to innovate the tour industry, making it more connected, more transparent, professional, and above all, customer friendly. Daily, the Bookmundi team is working tirelessly to fulfil the above vision, and weekly, Bookmundi is becoming more sophisticated, faster, and ever more connected to great tours and professional tour operators around the world. "
- Rasmus Juul Olsen, CEO and Founder, Bookmundi
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