BookMundi is a very sophisticated travel booking platform through which travellers and locals alike can book experiences and things to do around the world, crafted by qualified tour companies.

Bookmundi is a Danish based company, looking to create new and easy ways for customers to book holiday packages and tours around the world. Despite a healthy competition among online travel providers - there haven't been much innovation in the last 5-10 years. We aim to turn this upside down, presenting new and innovative ways through which you, as a customer, can book your favourite holiday packages and tours around the world. We've just released a real-time chat through which you can ask tour operators questions about their tours and holiday packages. Though the chat you will also be able to receive customised offers, suiting exactly your travel needs. This is the first step to making your online travel booking experience much more convenient, dynamic and customised. More will follow shortly. 

We hope you will find Bookmundi fun to use. In building Bookmundi we have made sure that:

  • Tours and experiences on BookMundi are competitively priced, and also supported by a Best Price Guarantee.
  • A simple interface, ultimately ensuring that Bookmundi is very easy and convenient to use.
  • You get a dynamic booking experience including the ability to ask questions to travel operators and to get customised travel offers. 

If you love to travel around the world, we highly recommend that you follow us on facebook, and enter your email address at the footer of our website. We will be sending you last minute travel deals and interesting travel updates. 

If you are a travel company offering tours or holiday packages around the world, please do not hesitate to contact us via our become partner page. We have screening criteria in place so you will receive an answer from us within 48 hours after applying.

Welcome to BookMundi, a new way of booking tours and holiday packages, around the world.

Why use Bookmundi

Best price guarantee

We offer a Best Price Guarantee for all tours and holiday packages online.

Customised Offers

You will be able to contact all tour operators on the site and get a customised offer via the chat. 

Reserve your seats

Why spend time finding and booking tours and tickets at your destination. Reserve your seats and tickets from home, today.

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