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Despite shorter days and cooler temperatures, November is still a great month to discover France. This is when the last few days of fall add color to trees and the mood turns festive with several cultural events taking place. However, along with leaves turning red, November is also when there is a drop in the number of travelers visiting France, which means you will not have to battle the crowds outside the Louvre or on the streets of Bordeaux.

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France Weather in November

Fall weather in the streets in Tuileries garden, Paris, Italy
Enjoy a relaxing stroll and bask in the fall weather in Tuileries garden, Paris, France

The weather in France in November is typical of western Europe, although the French Riviera and Provence tend to be slightly warmer. This means that you should be prepared for both cold temperatures and showers of rain. Temperatures in Paris range from 2 to 8°C, while those in Nice and Lyon can hit 10 to 13°C. The sky tends to stay overcast for much of the month, so do not expect too many sunny days while in the country at this time. However, it is very unlikely that you will encounter any snow, unless you are traveling to the highest peaks of the Alps or the Pyrenees.

For a seasonal overview, read our travel article on the best time to visit France.

Weather in France in November - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)16118
Avg Nightly (°C)1063
Avg Daily (°F)615247
Avg Nightly (°F)504338
Avg Rainfall (mm)252226

Why Visit France in November

The view of the natural lake and landscapes of the French Pyrenees
The French Pyrenees is famous for its landscapes full of natural life and great destination for campers, France
Scenic view of the Eiffel tower and Chmap de Mars park, Paris, Italy
Nothing beats taking a tower of the Eiffel tower when you're in Paris, France

Although it tends to be that summer months are most closely linked to trips to the republic, France in November has several advantages and events to look out for. Here are our top reasons for visiting France at this time of year:

  • Fall color: Usually peaking towards the end of October, the parks and tree-lined avenues of cities across the country are swathed in red in the early days of November as well, making travelers pause for a moment and take pictures.
  • Cultural events: France’s November calendar is filled with one-off events demonstrating the very best of its culture, from Armistice Day to the release of the new vintage of Beaujolais Nouveau.
  • Christmas markets: Although Christmas is still a month away, the end of November in France marks the start of the Christmas period, turning seasonal attractions from markets to ice rinks into the country’s top sights. Make the most of your stay in the country during this time by visiting Christmas markets.
  • Less crowds: Visiting France in November will see you spending less time in queues, and encountering fewer people inside top museums, since the month falls outside of the top tourist season.

Where to go and what to do

Aerial view of the city of Auch, France
Take stroll through the historic city of Auch in France

Start with a tour in Paris and a trip to the Louvre. One of the largest galleries in the world, its treasures include the unmissable Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. Take advantage of less crowds to summit the Eiffel Tower, before joining the locals to commemorate Armistice Day at Arc de Triomphe. Head to Alsace, whose gingerbread-like buildings are the perfect place to spend a few days as Christmas cheer takes hold, with Colmar and Strasbourg particularly special. Head to France’s Mediterranean coast for some sun. One of France’s most diverse cities, Marseilles has a range of magical attractions, while Cannes offers a glimpse into how the jet-set fill their days. In addition to Paris, art lovers should include Toulouse in their itinerary, since it hosts a huge annual art and antiques fair during this month.

Take a look at our pick of things to do in France and browse through our travel guide to how many days to spend in the country for more inspiration.

Do not let the weather put you off your trip to France in November. With the right wardrobe and planning, you can still enjoy the country’s most famous sights without having to fight for space and also experience some of France’s unique cultural events. Book one of our package tours to France in November or connect with our travel experts in the country for a customized France itinerary.

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