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It’s no mystery that Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. After all, it was the seat of power and knowledge for millennia, and some of that charm still permeates its cobbled streets. If you are not too crazy about the culture and the stunning architecture, you don’t have to worry – there is plenty of natural beauty to go around as well, from rolling hills to sparkling blue seas. The best time to visit Greece depends on your preferences, including weather, crowd levels, activities, and budget. This guide will walk you through the offerings of each season, helping you make an informed choice before you embark on your trip to Greece.

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Quick Facts

High season June to August
Good season April to June and September to October
Low season November to March
All seasons April – May (spring), June – August (summer), September – October (fall), November – March (winter)

Seasonal Overview

Summer in Greece — June to August 

A tourist looking at the beautiful beach in Crete from the top.
Dive into the sun-kissed bliss on the beautiful beaches of Crete during summer in Greece.

Summer in Greece means sun-soaked beaches, sightseeing opportunities, and adventures through and through. This is the high tourist season and the best time to visit Greece. Travelers from around the world flock to the country, turning it into a bustling paradise. Every moment is a celebration, from the allure of magnificent beaches to the rhythm of festivals like Athens and Epidaurus, Aegean, and Patmos Film Festival. Dive into the crystal-clear waters, hike ancient trails, and soak in the energy of Greece's high season, where the opportunities are limitless.

Average temperatures 33° C (92° F) to 35° C (94° F)
Rainfall 0 mm – 1 mm
Is summer a good season to visit Greece? Yes, summer is the best time to visit Greece as it has the perfect weather to explore beaches of the country and perfect for scenic ferry rides.


  • Explore the enchanting Greek Islands like Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete, known for their stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant nightlife.
  • Attend the renowned Epidaurus Festival and the Heraklion Summer Festival in Crete, where ancient theaters host performances ranging from ancient Greek tragedies to modern plays.
  • Dive into thrilling water sports, such as snorkeling, windsurfing, and jet skiing, offered at numerous beach resorts along the Greek coastline.
  • Summer is perfect for scenic ferry rides. Whether crossing from Piraeus to Paros or Rhodes to Symi, these journeys offer stunning views of the Aegean.
  • Dive into Greek culture with outdoor cinemas under the starlit sky. Cities like Athens and Thessaloniki host rooftop cinemas, offering classic films, local snacks, and a cozy summer ambiance.

Travel tips:

  • As summer is the high season in Greece, it is important to secure your accommodations in advance, especially if you plan to visit popular islands or destinations.
  • Modesty is appreciated, especially in religious sites. Pack clothing that covers shoulders and knees in keeping with local traditions.
  • If you are island hopping, be mindful of ferry schedules. Book tickets in advance and arrive at the port early to secure your spot.
  • Consider exploring lesser-known islands and villages for a more authentic and tranquil Greek experience.

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Spring in Greece — April to May

Temple of Athena Pronania at Delphi during spring season in Greece.
Uncover the mysteries of the past in the lush greenery by exploring ancient sites like Delphi during spring in Greece.

April is the beginning of the holiday season when people finally hang up their winter coats and get ready to enjoy the sun. The weather will be stunning, with a crisp breeze and a bright sun most of the day. While there would be an increase in tourists around Easter, and at the beginning of the season (who would not want to escape to the bright and sunny coast after the winter), the number of tourists does go down towards the mid and end of the season. Expect high prices during the Easter period.

Average temperatures 24° C (75° F) to 27° C (81° F)
Rainfall 2mm – 18mm
Is spring a good season to visit Greece?  Yes, spring is a great time to explore the country on foot, or bike and enjoy wildflowers in the countryside.


  • Spring paints Greece in vibrant hues as wildflowers bloom, transforming the countryside into a picturesque canvas.
  • Dive into local traditions with festivals like the Greek Orthodox Easter, where towns come alive with processions, music, and delicious feasts.
  • Explore ancient sites like Delphi and Epidaurus amidst the lush greenery, a unique backdrop for historical adventures.
  • Spring offers ideal conditions for hiking, allowing you to explore scenic trails like the Samaria Gorge in Crete amidst blooming nature.
  • Witness the awe-inspiring flight of migratory raptors like buzzards, eagles, and hawks, soaring across the Greek skies during their spring migration.

Travel tips:

  • Visit the Greek islands before the summer crowds, enjoying serene beaches, authentic local life, and the calm Aegean Sea.
  • Although spring is not as busy as summer, it's still a popular time to visit Greece; so it's important to book accommodations and activities in advance.
  • Spring in Greece can be mild, but temperatures can vary, so it is important to pack layers. Bring comfortable walking shoes, sandals, and a light jacket or a sweater for cooler evenings.

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Fall in Greece — September to October 

Lake of Agios Nikolaos in east Crete island, Greece
Agios Nikolaos, a coastal town on the Greek island of Crete

The fall season brings to Greece the much-needed respite from the oppressive summer heat. The seas become calmer and the temperature balmier. Much of the summer crowds have departed, leaving the islands quieter. Fall is generally considered the best time of year to visit Greece, as prices tend to be lower compared to summer. However, keep in mind that transport options might be reduced and the weather starts getting wet toward October.

Average temperatures 24° C (75° F) to 29° C (85° F)
Rainfall 15 mm – 27 mm
Is fall a good season to visit Greece? Yes, fall is a good season to visit Greece as the country transforms as fall foliage blankets landscapes, offering enchanting vistas in regions like Metero and Zagori.


  • Engage in the centuries-old tradition of olive harvesting, a communal activity celebrated across the country during your Greece trip during the fall months.
  • Witness Greece's natural beauty transform as fall foliage blankets landscapes, offering enchanting vistas in regions like Meteora and Zagori.
  • Participate in grape harvesting activity, wine tours, and tasting sessions in picturesque vineyards.
  • Dive into local festivities, including the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and various religious celebrations, where traditions blend seamlessly with modern cultural expressions.
  • Explore ancient sites like the Acropolis and Olympia when the tourist numbers are fewer, allowing for a more intimate encounter with Greece's rich history and heritage.
  • Traverse scenic hiking trails like the Vikos Gorge and Mount Olympus, surrounded by the vibrant colors of fall foliage.

Travel tips:

  • Greece hosts a myriad of festivals during the fall season. To learn about these festivals, check local event calendars and align your visit accordingly.
  • Fall weather in Greece can be unpredictable, so pack clothes that you can layer to accommodate varying temperatures.

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4. Winter in Greece — November to March

Metsovo, one of the most beautiful regions of Epirus
The town of Metsovo perches on one of the most beautiful slopes of the Pindus Mountain range

Winter in Greece unveils a different kind of beauty, where ancient ruins wear a serene blanket of snow, and cozy tavernas invite warmth. While the islands experience milder temperatures, mainland Greece offers a unique charm during the colder months. Winter in Greece is the low tourist season, so you will find low crowds at popular sites. Expect things to get busier around Christmas time when joyous spirit takes over the country. The colorful Carnival of Patras and the Feast of St. Basil, both of which take place in January, provide cultural immersion and celebration.

Average temperatures 12° C (54° F) to 19° C (67° F)
Rainfall 2 mm – 89 mm
Is winter a good season to visit Greece? Maybe, it is a good time to visit to visit Rhodes or the southern part of Crete, where you can savor the breathtaking sight of snow-capped mountains.


  • Relax in Greece's natural thermal springs, such as those in Loutraki and Pozar, offering soothing warmth amidst the winter chill.
  • Participate in olive and citrus harvest activities, engaging in traditional agricultural practices unique to Greece.
  • Engage in lively New Year's Eve celebrations, especially in Athens and Thessaloniki, where fireworks light up the night skies, and music and parties are everywhere.
  • Experience vibrant Carnival celebrations in towns like Patras and Xanthi, featuring colorful parades, masquerade parties and local delicacies.
  • Head to renowned ski resorts like Mount Parnassus and Kalavrita to indulge in snowsports such as skiing and snowboarding.
  • Witness the charm of Greek Christmas traditions, including feasts, carols and lights.

Travel tips:

  • Some tourist sites, museums, and restaurants might be closed or have reduced hours during the winter season.
  • If you are a winter sports enthusiast, book accommodations near ski resorts well in advance. Greece offers excellent skiing opportunities, especially in destinations like Mount Parnassus and Kalavrita.
  • Check weather forecasts and road conditions if you are planning to visit mountainous regions. Snowfall can impact travel, so be aware of local conditions if you are driving.

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Planning a trip to Greece? Explore our travel guide to determine how many days to spend in Greece. Whether you seek a customized trip to Greece or need expert advice, our travel experts are ready to assist you in creating an unforgettable experience. 

Published by Erik Jensen, updated on November 2, 2023

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