Best Time to Visit Argentina

°C °F
  • Jan Avg Daily: 29 ° C Avg Nightly: 20 ° C
  • Feb Avg Daily: 25 ° C Avg Nightly: 19 ° C
  • Mar Avg Daily: 26 ° C Avg Nightly: 18 ° C
  • Apr Avg Daily: 22 ° C Avg Nightly: 15 ° C
  • May Avg Daily: 19 ° C Avg Nightly: 11 ° C
  • Jun Avg Daily: 16 ° C Avg Nightly: 8 ° C
  • Jul Avg Daily: 15 ° C Avg Nightly: 8 ° C
  • Aug Avg Daily: 17 ° C Avg Nightly: 10 ° C
  • Sep Avg Daily: 19 ° C Avg Nightly: 11 ° C
  • Oct Avg Daily: 22 ° C Avg Nightly: 14 ° C
  • Nov Avg Daily: 25 ° C Avg Nightly: 16 ° C
  • Dec Avg Daily: 28 ° C Avg Nightly: 18 ° C
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Argentina’s breathtaking beauty extends across its diverse landscape, from the majestic Andes Mountains to the sprawling plains of the Pampas. Throughout its four seasons, Argentina caters to various travel tastes and preferences. So the best time to visit Argentina largely depends on your interest. From September to November, spring graces visitors with pleasant temperatures, making it an ideal time to explore the lively cities of Buenos Aires and Mendoza or venture into the picturesque Lake District. During the summer months of December to February, travelers can bask in the sun on the inviting Atlantic beaches of Mar del Plata or be mesmerized by the awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls. In the fall, from March to May, milder weather conditions provide the perfect opportunity to discover the scenic wonders of Patagonia or indulge in the country’s renowned wine regions. If you are taking a trip to Argentina in winter, from June to August, then this is the best time to visit the world-class ski resort towns of Bariloche and Las Lenas.

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Quick Facts

High season December to February
Low season June to August
Good season September to November
All seasons December to February (summer), September to November (spring), March to May (fall), June to August (winter).

Seasonal Overview

Summer in Argentina — December to February

Majestic Mt. Fitz Roy in Los Glaciares National Park in Patagonia.
Summer is one of the best time to visit Patagonia and explore its rugged wilderness and breathtaking vistas, an absolute delight.

December to February marks the high season and summer in Argentina. It is the time of year when the country offers endless possibilities to all kinds of travelers. Mar del Plata on the Atlantic coast promises plenty of sunshine and beach fun, while the awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls dazzle visitors with their sheer power. A tour of Buenos Aires thrives with cultural events and tango rhythms, offering a taste of vibrant city life. Adventure seekers can embrace the Andean thrills in Bariloche. Summer is also the best time to visit Patagonia, as the milder weather makes exploring the region's rugged wilderness and breathtaking vistas an absolute delight. Though more crowded, the high season is a chance to experience Argentina at its most dynamic.

Avg. Temperature 64 – 84° F / 18 – 29° C (in Buenos Aires)
Rainfall 90 – 100 mm
Season Summer
Is this a good time to visit Argentina? Yes, summer is the best season to visit Argentina because of its perfect weather to hike the Andes mountain or bask on the beautiful beaches on the Atlantic coast.


  • This is the ideal time to trek the Andes. Peaks like Aconcagua are at their most accessible and the visibility is also great.
  • Take advantage of the milder temperatures in Patagonia and explore the stunning glaciers and fjords on a cruise.
  • Enjoy the sun and sand at the popular beach destination of Mar del Plata, where Argentinians flock during summer.
  • Experience Buenos Aires’ energetic tango scene and catch open-air milongas in the city parks. The city also hosts Fashion Week in February, a must-visit for fashion enthusiasts.

Travel tips:

  • Be prepared for hot temperatures, especially in cities like Buenos Aires, by staying hydrated and wearing sunblock.
  • Keep in mind that many locals take their summer holidays in January, so some businesses and services may have limited hours during this time.
  • Prices for lodging, flights, and tours will likely be at their highest due to the great demand. It is crucial to plan and be ready for busier tourist areas.

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Spring in Argentina — September to November

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, is one of the world's most exciting capitals due to its rich architectural and cultural heritage

The spring season, September to November, is one of the best times to visit Argentina. As the temperatures rise, the landscapes come alive with vibrant colors and renewed energy. Buenos Aires thrives with a cultural flourish, offering festivals, art exhibits, and tango shows. Nature enthusiasts can explore the picturesque Lake District and Patagonia, while wine lovers can indulge in the renowned vineyards of Mendoza during the harvest season. With fewer crowds and pleasant spring conditions, the period between September and November is a great time to explore Argentina’s natural and cultural attractions.

Avg. Temperature 52 – 77° F / 11 – 25° C (in Buenos Aires)
Rainfall 50 – 80 mm
Season Spring
Is this a good time to visit Argentina? Yes, spring is a good time to visit Argentina due to the blooming landscapes, fewer crowds, and cycling through scenic wine regions like Mendoza.


  • Witness the spectacular sight of southern right whales as they calve in Peninsula Valdes during their spring migration.
  • Explore the stunning Lake District, such as Bariloche and San Martin de los Andes, with pleasant weather perfect for outdoor activities.
  • Take part in Octoberfest, a lively and vibrant celebration in Argentina that brings together locals and visitors to enjoy traditional German beer, food, and music.

Travel tips:

  • Spring is a popular time to visit Argentina, so make sure to book accommodations and tours in advance, especially in tourist hotspots.
  • Pack comfortable and breathable clothing for outdoor activities, along with sturdy walking shoes for nature hikes.

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Fall in Argentina — March to May

Bodega Catena Zapata in Mendoza
Adrianna vineyard

March to May ushers in the enchanting autumn season in Argentina, when the landscapes transform into a breathtaking tapestry of colors. The milder temperatures create a pleasant ambiance for exploring Buenos Aires’ cultural charm and immersing in the rich Argentine culture. Nature enthusiasts can delight in Patagonia’s rugged vistas and the golden hues of the fall foliage. This is also the best time to visit Mendoza, where wine lovers can savor world-class Malbec and other wines produced in the region while enjoying the harvest season. With fewer crowds and comfortable weather, March to May presents a perfect window to explore Argentina’s culture and attractions without feeling rushed.

Avg. Temperature 52 – 79°F / 11 – 26° C (in Buenos Aires)
Rainfall 80 – 100 mm
Season Fall
Is this a good time to visit Argentina? Yes, fall in Argentina offers a breathtaking tapestry of colors, wine harvest season in Mendoza, and the golden hues of Patagonia's rugged vistas.


  • Visit the southern regions, such as El Calafate and Ushuaia, to witness the breathtaking autumn foliage set against majestic glaciers and mountains.
  • Participate in lively wine harvest festivals in Mendoza, Salta, and San Juan.
  • Experience the passion and rhythm of tango during the Buenos Aires Tango Festival, where performances and dance competitions take center stage.
  • Argentina celebrates Easter Week (Semana Santa) with religious processions and events, especially in Buenos Aires and Mendoza. Consider experiencing this unique cultural celebration.

Travel tips:

  • Plan ahead for wine tours in Mendoza, as they can get booked quickly during the harvest season.
  • Keep in mind that daylight hours may be shorter during autumn. Plan your activities accordingly to make the most of your trip.
  • Pack clothes that you can layer to keep up with the weather.

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Winter in Argentina — June to August

Ski Bariloche
The snowy landscape of Cerro Catedral

June to August welcomes winter in Argentina, making it the low season for travelers. Despite the chill, this period offers a chance to experience the country in a more intimate and peaceful setting. In the southern regions such as Patagonia, snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes create a breathtaking winter wonderland. A trip to Perito Moreno Glacier in El Calafate is a must during the winter months. Meanwhile, world-class ski resorts of Bariloche at the foot of the Andes and Las Lenas in Mendoza Province also draw a lot of winter sports enthusiasts. The low winter season also provides an opportunity for budget-friendly travel.

Avg. Temperature 46 – 63° F / 8 – 17° C (in Buenos Aires)
Rainfall 30 – 50 mm
Season Winter
Is this a good time to visit Argentina? Not necessarily, but if you are interested in winter sports, you can experience the thrill of the Andes or take in the beauty of the winter wonderland of snow-capped mountains in Patagonia.


  • Head to the famous ski resort town of Bariloche in the Andes for excellent skiing and snowboarding opportunities.
  • Witness the breathtaking Perito Moreno Glacier in El Calafate, where you can take boat tours to get up close to the icy marvels.
  • Visit Peninsula Valdes in Patagonia to witness the migration of southern right whales.
  • Winter in Buenos Aires offers a perfect blend of cultural experiences, theater performances, tango shows, and warm comfort foods, culminating in the exciting Buenos Aires Tango Festival in August.

Travel tips:

  • The ski resorts in the Andes attract visitors during the winter months, so it is advisable to book your accommodations well in advance.
  • July is the winter vacation month for schools, so popular tourist destinations like Bariloche may get crowded. Consider visiting during other winter months for a quieter experience.
  • Some tourist attractions in remote areas may have limited accessibility during the winter months, so check in advance before planning your itinerary.

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Are you planning to visit Argentina? Check out our guide on how long to spend in Argentina to plan your trip to the country. or get in touch with one of our experts from Argentina if you need help planning a custom trip to Argentina.

Weather in Argentina- Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C) 29 25 26 22 19 16 15 17 19 22 25 28
Avg Nightly (°C) 20 19 18 15 11 8 8 10 11 14 16 18
Avg Daily (°F) 85 77 79 72 67 61 59 63 67 72 77 83
Avg Nightly (°F) 68 67 65 59 52 47 47 50 52 58 61 65
Avg Rainfall (mm) 100 90 90 100 80 50 50 50 50 80 80 90

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Published by Erik Jensen, updated on August 18, 2023

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