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Spain comes to life in March after a long winter slumber. And even though temperatures are still chilly in some places, the freezing cold of winter is now only a distant memory. With fewer tourists and cheaper prices compared to the high season, you can cover cities such as Barcelona and go on a tour of Madrid during this time of year without breaking the bank. Plus, plenty of events and festivals are organized all over Spain in March, giving travelers a chance to fully immerse themselves in the local culture.

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Spain weather in March

Beautiful view of Malaga city, Spain
Malaga offers beach activities, a tour of historical monuments and diverse museums, and a wide variety of leisure activities.

March is an unpredictable month when it comes to Spain. This means that even though a day may have a sunny start with a clear blue sky, there is a chance that you will get caught in a sudden shower in the afternoon. Coastal areas of the country’s south see the warmest temperatures at this time, with mercury breaching the 19℃ mark in Malaga. However, nights can be quite chilly with temperatures below 9℃. In Madrid, the average temperature is 10℃, with highs of 16℃ and lows of 4℃. Temperatures along the northern coasts of the country are similar to that in Madrid, but rains are more common in this part of the country.

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Weather in Spain in March - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)121617
Avg Nightly (°C)245
Avg Daily (°F)546163
Avg Nightly (°F)364041
Avg Rainfall (mm)403050

Why visit Spain in March

National Palace (Palau Nacional) building on top of Montjuic hill and magic
National Palace (Palau Nacional) building on top of Montjuic hill and magic fountains show at sunset in Barcelona

A trip to Spain in March has numerous perks, not least the warm weather. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider a vacation in Spain during this month.

  • Festivals and events: The Spanish people like to celebrate the beginning of the spring season with pomp and show. If you’re holidaying in València, celebrate Las Fallas from March 3 to 19 with the locals. This is when each neighborhood in the city creates a massive puppet, some reaching 15 meters in height, out of paper-mâché and wood frames. But this is not all. Las Fallas also sees tons of events. Each day starts with La Despertà, which involves a band of musicians marching all over València playing music. At 2:00 pm, it is time for Masceltà, a firework display. This festival ends with one puppet being proclaimed a winner, while all others are burned in a huge pyre!
    Other popular events include Barcelona's Sant Medir festival (this is when sweets and toffees are scattered throughout the streets) and the Magdalena Festival in Castellón de la Plana.
  • Fewer tourists: Despite numerous festivities, March is a low season in Spain. This means that you will be among a handful of travelers in the country. Grab this opportunity to tick destinations off your bucket list and fully immerse yourself in the authentic Spanish culture.
  • Cheap prices: As March is a low season, you can expect to pay less for your accommodation and other activities. You will even find some of the guided tours in Spain cheaper in March than in July.
  • City tours: March is an ideal month to go out on city sightseeing tours. The weather at this time of year is warm enough for you to spend a day outside, exploring atmospheric streets and visiting landmarks. Go museum-hopping in Madrid, marvel at the architectural monuments of Córdoba, and amble down the streets of Valencia.

Where to go and what to do

Alhambra palace, Granada, Spain
The Alhambra, in Granada, is a merger of Islamic and Spanish Renaissance architecture.

Given the risk of showers during March, you will have to check with the weatherman before heading for nature reserves in the country. However, even if you exclude them from your itinerary, you will be left with plenty of things to do in Spain!

Having covered its major cities, you might want to head for ancient towns such as Besalú, Albarracín, or visit Ronda. If you prefer bigger cities, go to Granada, Madrid, or take a trip to Barcelona. Barcelona is home to numerous masterpieces of modern architecture, including Sagrada Familia and Guell Palace, while Granada has a treasure trove of Moorish architecture. Some of the highlights of this city are the famous Alhambra and Cartuja Monastery. If you love art, then head for the Spanish capital city, home to some of the finest museums in the world, like El Prado and the Picasso Museum.

Need help figuring out how to fit them all into your trip? Our guide on how many days to spend in Spain will come in handy.

What to bring

Cala Gat at Ratjada   beautiful beach and coast of Mallorca, Spain
Spring in Spain has milder temperatures with extra hours of sunshine.
Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain
Park Güell is a showcase of peculiar shapes, colors, and mixing styles

Sudden changes in temperatures and weather conditions are common during the month of March in Spain, and you will have to be careful while packing. Warm clothes that can be worn in layers will help you deal with Madrid’s chilly nights, while an umbrella or a raincoat will come in handy in case of a shower.

March, which coincides with the beginning of the spring season in Spain, sees the whole country erupt in joyous celebrations. Although the brutal cold of winter has faded by this time of year, it can get chilly in some parts of the country. Barring a few showers, there is nothing to stop you from discovering the country during this month, especially since the prices are low and landmarks less crowded.

A 7-day-trip to Spain would be sufficient to get around most of the major highlights of the country during this early spring month. But, if you need help planning your custom trip to Spain, feel free to reach out to our local travel experts. You can also browse through our trips to Spain in March for instant inspiration.

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