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  • JanAvg Daily: 10 ° CAvg Nightly: 1 ° C
  • FebAvg Daily: 12 ° CAvg Nightly: 2 ° C
  • MarAvg Daily: 16 ° CAvg Nightly: 4 ° C
  • AprAvg Daily: 17 ° CAvg Nightly: 5 ° C
  • MayAvg Daily: 22 ° CAvg Nightly: 8 ° C
  • JunAvg Daily: 29 ° CAvg Nightly: 13 ° C
  • JulAvg Daily: 33 ° CAvg Nightly: 16 ° C
  • AugAvg Daily: 33 ° CAvg Nightly: 16 ° C
  • SepAvg Daily: 29 ° CAvg Nightly: 14 ° C
  • OctAvg Daily: 21 ° CAvg Nightly: 9 ° C
  • NovAvg Daily: 15 ° CAvg Nightly: 4 ° C
  • DecAvg Daily: 11 ° CAvg Nightly: 2 ° C
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Spain is a country of lovers and adventurers. As the second-largest country in Europe, it is full of magical cities, spellbinding mountains, and the best food you can get your hands on. It is a country with great energy, with music flowing out of each street, and plenty of holidays for you to let your hair down at. But before you book your tickets to Spain, you have to decide when you want to visit the country. The best time to visit Spain depends on where you want to travel. Let’s see when to visit Spain, so that you can have the best holiday!

Plaza de Espana is an  impressive building with phenomenal architecture.
The red brick structure of Plaza de Espana
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Quick Facts

  • High Season: March-May, September - October
  • High Tourist Season: June - August
  • Low Season: November - February
  • Ski Season: November - February
  • All Seasons: March-May (spring), June - August (summer), September - October (fall), November - February (winter)
  • The best time to visit Spain is between March-May (spring), or September - October (fall), when the weather is quite pleasant, and the crowds are low.
  • The high season is between June - August, and this is when most of the crowds head to the country - especially towards the beaches and the cities.
  • November - February is the peak season for people headed to Spain for skiing. The ski resorts experience high traffic during these months, so book in advance.

Spain is a unique country in many ways. It is well known for its laid-back attitude and penchant for afternoon siestas. At the same time, it is an energetic country, with adrenaline-pumping bullfights, and flamboyant flamenco dances. It is a country that has something to meet everybody’s requirements, and you will not have a dull moment when you’re there.

When planning your holiday, you just have to focus on exactly what you wish to do in the country. The Mediterranean climate is ideal during spring and fall, so this is when to visit Spain if you’re looking for great weather that is not too hot or cold. Moreover, between March-May and September - October, there are a number of festivals in Spain for you to look forward to as well.

For those who wish to holiday on the slopes, enjoying a wonderful ski vacation in Europe’s second most mountainous country, November - February is the best time to visit, as the weather in Spain is cold and snowy enough to offer some of the best slopes for you to shred!

Seasonal Overview

March to May — Spring / Good Season

The weather in Spain is clear and pleasant during these months. There is some rainfall, but they are scattered showers. The weather is ideal for those who want to engage in outdoorsy activities. If you cannot handle the cold, this is a good season to visit Granada and the mountainous areas surrounding the same, as the weather will be much warmer, but still rather pleasant.

  • Avg. Temperature: 60 – 73° F / 16 – 23° C (in Madrid)
  • Rainfall: 46 – 92 mm
  • Season: Spring
  • Highlights: This is the best time to travel to the inland cities such as Cordoba, Madrid, and Seville, for the weather, will be ideal, and not too hot. It’s also a great time to visit Granada, when the weather will be becoming warmer, but not unbearably so. Moreover, it is definitely better to visit the Alhambra palace before the tourist rush sets in. If you want interesting cultural experiences, head to the Las Fallas festival in March, on the coast of Valencia, where street parties abound!

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Gran Via which means great way is a street in the Central Madrid.
Gran Via in Madrid is a bustling part of Madrid.

June to August — Summer / High Season

The weather in Spain can get incredibly warm during this period, especially in the inland cities. Southern Spain, especially cities like Seville, Malaga, and Cordoba, will be unbearably hot. The weather is more bearable in northern Spain, towards San Sebastian, where the summer weather is actually quite pleasant. The climate in Barcelona will be a little sticky and humid. This is when to visit Spain if you want to experience the peak tourist season. Beware of the tourist throng, and make sure you book your tickets and hotel reservations well in advance.

  • Avg. Temperature: 89 – 99° F / 32 – 37° C (in Madrid)
  • Rainfall: 5 – 19 mm
  • Season: Summer
  • Highlights: This is the best time to visit Spain if you want to travel to the north, towards the Atlantic coast to places like San Sebastian, Santiago de Compostela, and Galicia. Valencia and Barcelona are also great to visit during this period, but be wary of the tourists. In August, Buñol in Valencia hosts the city-wide food fight named Tomatina, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The most popular event of this period is the world-renowned Running of the Bulls, which takes place in Pamplona every July, as a part of the San Fermin festival.

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Cala Macarella in Spain is the best beach for an escape
Cala Macarella in Spain.

September to October — Fall / Good Season

Fall is among the best times to visit Spain due to the pleasant weather and stunning scenery. The summer heat starts tapering off, and the resorts and hotels start providing massive discounts in the post-peak period. The weather in southern and central Spain is wonderfully pleasant, with spotted showers in October. Expect cooler temperatures in northern Spain, especially near the Pyrenees Mountains.

  • Avg. Temperature: 75 – 89° F / 24 – 32° C (in Madrid)
  • Rainfall: 16 – 76 mm
  • Season: Fall
  • Highlights: This might be your last chance to visit the south of Spain before the beach resorts and stores close for the winter. Costa del Sol is best visited during these months since the tourist crowds would have left, and you can enjoy the beach in isolation now. The weather in Andalusia will be great during these months, so if you’re planning a historical trip to Spain, this is the time for you to visit!

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The Real Alcazar in Toledo Spain
The Real Alcazar in Toledo Spain

November to February — Winter / Ski Season

Winter is the low season in Spain for a number of reasons. South of Spain becomes rather deserted, especially since the temperature starts dripping. The weather in central Spain is pleasant - the warmest compared to the rest of the country. There will be a lot of snowfall in the northern reaches of the country, especially in the Pyrenees range - making this a wonderful ski season! Winters in Spain can get really cold, and the snow can go out of hand. Before you travel, check the news to see if the roads are still open.

  • Avg. Temperature: 55 – 60° F / 13 – 16° C (in Madrid)
  • Rainfall: 7 – 71 mm
  • Season: Winter
  • Highlights: This is the best time to visit Spain if you’re dreaming of those grand ski resorts in the Sierra Nevada and Formigal. Places like Leon, Burgos, and Vitoria also look stunning during the winter months. If you do not want to get caught in the cold, you can still visit the warmer cities of Almeria and Costa del Sol.

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