Traveling is in my DNA — I was born in Vancouver, Canada, but lived in Spain throughout my youth, and made many trips to Scotland with my family visiting the homeland of our ancestors. For me, traveling is innate. I love learning about different cultures and exploring places around the world, especially in the natural environment.

I am an inquisitive person with lots of energy to arrange the best possible unique holidays for visitors to Spain and Portugal. After having studied tourism in Galicia, Spain, I have now traveled and arranged trips to all the destinations I can cover.

I believe strongly in sustainable, responsible, and slow tourism. For example, in the itineraries that I create, I can help visitors explore the destination in a "slow food" style, which includes walking and enjoying the delicious gastronomy of each place that you visit!

Tiernan's Travel Expertise

I specialize in tailor-made holidays to Spain and Portugal. These trips could be anything from staying in bigger cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Vigo, etc., to relaxing in coastal & mountain areas and staying in small charming villages such as Cangas do Morrazo and Moaña, among others.

I am an expert at including the natural environment and for nature buffs, I can help you discover really cool hidden places surrounded by nature. I also promote savoring the local gastronomy and wines in a sustainable way, in tune with the environment which is so essential nowadays. Take walks along nature trails, explore historic old quarters, and discover the wine countryside—all in a slow way of touring and enjoying every landscape and experience in each destination.

If walking tours are not for you I can arrange driver-guided tours all over Spain and Portugal. Just let me know your preferences and I will design the perfect tailor-made holiday for you in Spain and Portugal.

Expert Destinations

Tiernan's best travel experience

I traveled to Scotland and spent 6 months exploring this wonderful country and admiring its breathtaking landscapes, cities (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Stirling, and St Andrews), and great historical and cultural heritage (magnificent castles, cathedrals, and old ruins). It was also a great experience to discover its unique gastronomy where I tasted traditional dishes like haggis, neeps & tatties—which I fell in love with—and the excellent Scotch whisky, enjoying all the different flavors.

I also noticed some remarkable similarities between Scotland and Galicia in terms of Celtic culture and music (the bagpipes!) as well as in the lifestyle of small fishing villages. Now back in my homeland, I love personally showing the best spots for food lovers who visit Galicia!

Why is Tiernan the right travel expert

If you are looking to experience something different and travel off the beaten path around Spain and Portugal, you have come to the right person. I am dedicated to designing and organizing unique, memorable, tailor-made experiences for every traveler.

Further, my passion for travel, food, nature, and authentic, exciting experiences really shines through when I work with my clients. Enjoy walks along historic old quarters, coastal trails, and in wine country, savoring it all slowly and getting from place to place via picturesque trails!