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Introducing Spain

Spain’s charming cities, soul-stirring landscapes, and cultural treasures make it an irresistible destination. Get wowed by Barcelona’s rich history and extraordinary art scene during your stay in the country. Tick dozens off your bucket list while in Madrid and go restaurant hopping in the city. The coastal town of Malaga offers stunning beaches along with numerous shopping opportunities. While there, do not miss out on a trip to the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. Hike along one of the many scenic routes of Tenerife and go scuba diving off its coast. Marvel at the architectural wonders of Granada, and get transported to a different, dream-like era in the Royal Alcázar of Seville, a Unesco World Heritage site.

Our local travel experts can help you design a custom Spain tour that meets your requirements. 

When to go to Spain?

Spain’s Mediterranean weather is at its best during spring and fall (March to May and from September to October) as it is neither too hot nor freezing cold during these periods. These months are also part of Spain’s festival season, something to look forward to during your trip to the country. June to August can get quite hot in southern Spain but it is more bearable in the northern parts of the country. Being Europe’s second-most mountainous country, Spain offers some surprisingly good ski vacation opportunities between the winter months of November and February. Learn more.

How long to stay in Spain?

Whether you have a few days to spare or are looking for a multi-week adventure, Spain has something for everyone. However, we recommend customized itineraries to Spain that last at least seven days, which will give you enough time to combine city highlights of Madrid and Barcelona with natural landmarks in the Spanish countryside. Go for a ten-day-long sojourn if you wish to get under the skin of two or three provinces in the country, be it Catalonia, Navarra, and Basque Country in the north, or Madrid and Castile la Mancha in the central region. With two weeks or more, there is no destination in the country out of bounds for you. Our travel experts in Spain will help you plan a Spanish holiday depending on your budget and interests. Learn more.

Must-visit destinations in Spain

Embark on an epic journey that includes dramatic coastal hikes and walks through lush forests on La Palma island. Take in the scenic vistas and watch how cowboys handle their herds in the slopes of Trevelez, the highest village in Spain. Learn to dance the fiery flamenco on a trip to Seville while you unravel its history. Sample Spain’s most famous dish, paella, in its birthplace on a Valencia tour and explore the city’s old town as well as the futuristic, spaceship-like City of Arts and Sciences. Visit Granada and its stunning ancient fortress and admire some of the best-preserved specimens of Islamic art in the world. Call an end to your journey after having soaked up the sun in Ibiza.

Why book a customized tour?

LOCAL INSIGHT Whatever your interests, our expert trip designers have local knowledge of all the best spots to eat, sleep and visit, including famous sites and the off-the-beaten-path hidden gems. They know the places you want to go and will ensure you have the most memorable experiences.
PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE Travel where and when you want, with only places and activities you choose. We’ll build a trip that matches your unique interests and special requirements 100%.
STRESS-FREE TRAVEL Our trip designers will book your accommodation, transport, activities etc. to ensure that you get a completely stress-free tour. If you need support during the trip, you can always write or call the local specialist for help and recommendations.
TRAVEL LIKE A PRO Think of our trip designers as your ticket backstage. Special access, great prices, and local tips. Their job is to make sure your entire trip is perfectly planned, secure, and completely stress-free.

Customizable Tours and Trips in Spain

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