I’m Laura and I am Italian, but my roots are lost all around the world! 8 years ago, while looking at the Alhambra under a fiery red sunset, I promised to come back and 3 years ago I moved to Spain with a suitcase full of dreams and positivity!

After traveling the four corners of Spain and living in Menorca and Tenerife, I chose to live in Granada, where I am now. I love Granada for its small neighborhood squares full of life, its stunning views, and amazing atmosphere.

I’m originally from the Amalfi Coast and I grew up surrounded by the lemony-fresh scent of spaghetti with clam sauce, tasty pizza Margherita and the white gold: mozzarella. I’d recognize those smell anywhere! For this reason, I consider myself a food lover. I love cooking and find new recipes which combine my roots with the places I have lived and loved: Menorca, Paris, the UK, Canary Islands, and my beloved Granada.

Laura's Travel Expertise

I am passionate and specialised in extreme sports, folkloric dance, blues music and Mediterranean cuisine, but above all I am a food lover. I graduated in foreign languages and my final essay was about eno-gastronic tourism!

Beyond food, I specialize in all things Granada and Spain. Whether it’s the beauty of Alhambra’s sunsets, a gipsy woman dancing flamenco in a cave, the taste a salmorejo, the sweetness of a pionono or some tapas taken with your friends on a summer night, I can help you plan a custom trip to help you experience the best of Spain.

Laura's best travel experience

I have so many amazing travel experiences that I will remember forever. The sunsets over the Alhambra, the dunes of Qatar, the park of Timanfaya in Lanzarote, watching the sun going down from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the folk festivals in Menorca or the tastes of Italy .... it is just impossible for me to talk about only one experience!

Why is Laura the right travel expert

I can propose innovative and exclusive experiences tailored to you, and I am always on the lookout for new trends, according to your requirements and all your desires. I believe that one of the most important things in selling travel is to get to know you and your travel wishes.

From our first contact, I will give you appropriate advice and I assure you of my personal follow-up. You will be able to picture themselves in the chosen destination, feeling the sand on your feet, the sun in your face and the wind in your hair!