I'm originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love South America and I enjoy sharing this passion I have for the region, including the landscapes, the people, the food and the culture. I hope to help you experience South America and love it as I do!

I always loved to travel and I started from a very young age. I decided to study tourism to be in touch with people and cultures from all over the world. After getting my degree, I travelled even more. I met incredible people, observed magical landscapes, ate amazing local food and learned a lot about life and people.

I have travelled throughout Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brasil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Asia and Europe. I travel to very exotic destinations and I love helping people to have mind-changing experiences. I like to think my experience helps me design the best trip for everyone.

Maria's Travel Expertise

I specialise in tailor-made trips to Argentina and Chile, and especially to Patagonia. I can also help you with Bolivia, Peru, Brazil and Uruguay.

We have very unique trip plans for families, honeymoons and adventure travellers. I would love to design the best trip for you according to your personal interests. These might include anything such as wildlife, nature, and outdoor or cultural activities.

Maria's best travel experience

One of my first trips was to the north of Argentina and the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia. We slept several nights in the shelters of the Salt Flats and there I saw the most impressive sky I had ever witnessed, and I had seen many skies in my life! The sky was a concert of shooting stars in the magical silence of nature. In all my travels, I have tried to relive that feeling by watching other skies, but nothing has come close to that night.

Why is Maria the right travel expert

I have always been interested in the people of the world and their cultures, the incredible landscapes that must be discovered, the food that must be tasted, the music that must be heard, the passions to be understood. I think people can experience all of this by travelling. I think it is fundamental to design each trip with advice from local people and that this really makes the difference. I have also been in person to all the destinations I sell and I know them well, so I can share with you some secrets about every destination!