Six years ago, I planned to travel while on a break from my job in Salzburg, Austria. I had aimed to travel to several countries in South America and climb a peak that was over 6,000 meters. However, things did not go according to plan and within a week I was stuck in Ecuador with my then-mountain-guide, who is now my life and business partner.

I grew up in the Tyrolian Alps where my passion for mountaineering started from a very early age. I discovered amazing peaks back home with my dad and the Alpine Club, to which I contributed to for about a decade, organizing mountain adventures. Apart from climbing, I am also into mountain biking, paragliding, running, and many other adventure sports.

Discovering the world, meeting people, and experiencing other cultures are just some of the things that make traveling something very special to me. For me, being a traveler is as exciting as being a host — it's about sharing what you love and having a good time!

I'm happy to help with your Ecuador travel plans and share my insights. I look forward to getting your holiday planning started!

Elisabeth's Travel Expertise

Mountaineering is my absolute passion and also my specialty. Having been climbing for over 30 years and summited important mountains all over the world, I'm confident to say that I would be a valuable asset to any climber’s planning session. For beginners, I'm able to guide them through all aspects. For intermediate and advanced climbers, I'm happy to act as a peer for evaluating ideas, helping with suggestions, developing special plans, etc.

I am also an expert at including other trip elements including visiting cities, experiencing local culture, learning about and trying the food, and other highlights! I shouldn’t also forget island hopping to the Galapagos :)

Apart from Ecuador, I have a great network in Peru and Bolivia and I'm expanding even more! So, after your Ecuador adventures, I can help you go further internationally.

The peaks I'm most proud of include:
- Alpamayo, French direct - 5.947 m (Peru)
- Cabeza de Condor, normal route - 5.648 m (Bolivia)
- Antisana, normal route - 5.704 m (Ecuador)
- Illimani, normal route - 6.438 m (Bolivia)
- Großglockner, Stüdl-Ridge - 3.798 m (Austria)

Expert Destinations

Elisabeth's best travel experience

So far for me, the best experience travelling was a quite challenging tour to Bolivia. As a team of 5 climbers and guides coming from 5 different nations, we rocked the Bolivian mountains and then the other highlights there. We were successful on all peaks and it was a number of them: 4 peaks of over 5000 meters and 5 more with an altitude of more than 6000 meters.

Do you want to share an epic adventure of that style??? Come with me!

Why is Elisabeth the right travel expert

I am efficient, experienced, straightforward, flexible, fun, safe and creative. Also, I am a person you can rely on and I'll do my best to make your holidays the time of your life! And of course, it's not only about me — I pick only the best people to accompany you throughout our adventures. I’ll provide whatever else you need, a good back office, a cool crew, anything to make it perfect! Looking forward to hearing from you.