My interest in tourism really started when I went to college in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the same place I was born and where I still live today. In college, I realized that I wanted to focus on tourism for a vocation. During this time, I did several tours around Rio de Janeiro and also some international trips. Now, I have the privilege and opportunity to help people realize their travel dreams! with quality and trust.

I have always enjoyed traveling. I love the feeling when the airplane door opens to new adventures! For me, travel is essential to a person's life and can be an escape valve from all problems. I love to travel because I always meet new people and learn about new cultures and customs. Traveling for me is discovering a little about yourself.

Felipe's Travel Expertise

As a resident of Rio de Janeiro, I have explored almost all of this marvelous city. But as a travel specialist, the places that I have more experience both visiting and planning are Foz do Iguaçu, Manaus/Amazonia, Gramado and Curitiba. My brother lives in Curitiba, so I know lots about the city and exploring the natural beauty of the area. Gramado is like my second home; I have traveled there at all times of the year, and each year the city is more beautiful and has developed new strategies to improve tourism.

Felipe's best travel experience

One trip I will never forget was my first trip to Europe when I traveled to Rome, Italy. There, I was able to realize my dream of seeing the Coliseum and the Fontana di Trevi and learning so much about the whole history and culture of Rome. Since I was a kid watching the Gladiator movie, I have been interested in the Roman empire, so being able to visit the city and country where it all happened was wonderful. I feel like a true gladiator!

When I went on this trip, I was just starting my studies in tourism. Having experienced this amazing European trip made me realize that helping other people’s travel dreams come true would be the best job in the world.

Why is Felipe the right travel expert

As a travel expert and bachelor graduate in tourism, I have experience traveling throughout South America and even in Europe. I also have experience with travel packages and customer service, and I know how to help you plan the perfect Brazil trip with quality and trust. My work is to help people reach their goals and awaken the ‘beast for travel and adventure’ that lives in every traveler.