Growing up in Germany and studying at a business university in the Netherlands was planned, but finishing my studies with an exchange semester in Peru and then starting a travel company wasn't. I stayed in Peru because I am fascinated by the cultures and natural environments of South America.

I love to travel. I like that it is authentic, adventurous, and keeps enriching my horizons by constantly putting me in contact with other cultures and people. I experienced this fascinating when I first traveled to Asia and I'm still adventurous and travel-hungry today!

Now, this passion for travel and experiencing authentic cultures and places instead of “touristing” around in large groups is what I like to offer to travelers. It is also what makes my company unique. Creating magical moments and hearing from travelers how amazed they are is the best reward; knowing that someone else feels as fascinated as I still do.

Erik's Travel Expertise

I specialise in all places and activities that Peru has to offer. Some highlights include Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, Rainbow Mountains, Humantay Lake, Huacachina, and the Amazonas.

I have experience planning all types of trips. From single-day to multi-day tours, from the South to the North, from the beach to the Amazon, Peru is very rich in culture, adventure, and culinary experiences.

Erik's best travel experience

Although I've traveled extensively, two experiences are really memorable for me. One was a moment I had Machu Picchu in front of me but everything was clouded over. Suddenly, the sky brightened and Machu Picchu slowly revealed itself little by little. This was a goosebump feeling for me.

Another experience that is really memorable is experiencing the happiness of people who have very little compared to people from developed countries. Getting to know my friend Laureano and his family from the Palccoyo community taught me how to appreciate life, and that's a feeling I'd like to show other travelers too.

Why is Erik the right travel expert

Are you looking for:

A unique experience in Peru?
Adventure mixed with culture and cuisine?
Having fun while enjoying high-quality standards?
Being in contact with someone who has experience travelling, comes from a developed country, and knows about your standards and expectations?

If so, then I am the right travel expert for you! I look forward to meeting and planning your adventure with you.