Born in Rufino, Santa Fe, and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I grew up exploring the cities and the different places and destinations of Argentina and enjoying the country’s beautiful landscapes! But I always knew that there was more for me out there.

I'm passionate about travel and I'm constantly searching for new challenges and experiences. I earned a degree in tourism and I've traveled throughout Argentina and South America, as well as other parts of the world. I love helping people design unforgettable experiences in South America.

Convinced that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step, I will ensure that your experience in our corner of the world will be unique. I look forward to being part of your next great adventure in Argentina and South America!

Axel's Travel Expertise

I specialize in tailor-made trips and experiences for each individual client. I pay special attention to the small details; to coordinate the trip of your dreams is my main goal!

In terms of places, I mainly specialize in South America, and particularly in Argentina and Chile. Highlights of the places I specialize in include Patagonia, Iguazu, Salta and Puna Argentina, the wine region, Cape Horn, Chilean Fjords, Machu Picchu and Brazil.

I also specialize in all kinds of trips, from family trips and tailor-made trips to adventure trips and Antarctica exploration trips.

Axel's best travel experience

One of my most memorable experiences was when I was six years old and I visited the Cataratas del Iguazu in Argentina. I remember being extremely surprised because the water never stopped falling. There was a lot of water and I remember thinking, "How does it never stop?!" Even today, after having visited them many times over, I hope that the water does not stop falling. It's a really impressive place to visit.

Why is Axel the right travel expert

Because I really love what I do. Travel is my passion; I love my job and therefore I do it with passion. Additionally, all the experiences I have lived in many places in South America and the world have enriched my knowledge. I can create unique trips and connect with people from different cultures, transmitting my experience about the impressive places in our wonderful South America and sharing with travelers one of the best things in the world: Travel.