I love Peru! I love the culture, history, food, people and incredible scenery. And I love talking about Peru with culturally-minded travellers and helping them create an experience that reflects their desires. My travel philosophy is that life and travel are about personal reflection and growth, and I'm passionate about sharing that with our guests.

Like many young Kiwis, I set off for my big OE (overseas experience) straight after finishing university. By the time I got back from Europe, I knew I'd found my life's path. The experience of immersing myself in other cultures made my life and the whole world feel so much wider and richer, and I wanted to share that with others. So, I started guiding adventure tours in New Zealand's rugged South Island.

I rose up quickly in the ranks of New Zealand's adventure travel industry and soon found myself managing 70 people and an operation that spanned New Zealand, Australia, and South America. Here I met an Australian travel operator very much embedded in Peru, who shares my philosophy and vision, and is a fountain of knowledge about lesser-known things to do in Peru. We joined forces in 2009 when we created a travel company with a focus on cultural adventures off the beaten track in Peru.

I have explored over 65 countries and my favourite activities are hiking, snowboarding, paragliding, scuba diving, and hanging out with my three kids.

Steve's Travel Expertise

I specialize in real human encounters, real adventure, and taking guests off the tourist track and under the surface of places, meeting locals and sharing their lives.

I know how to weave experiential travel with your interests — so whether you're into hiking, biking, multi-sport, living culture, history, photography, farming, mountains, jungle, general sightseeing, cuisine, family adventure, honeymoon/romantic getaways, group travel, custom itineraries... you name it, we can make it happen for you!

Steve's best travel experience

One memorable travel experience I had was in 2009 when I went to Peru to set up my travel company with my partner. At the time, she was winding up another project and she invited me along on her travels. In one memorable stint, we got stranded in the altiplano for a night and ended up being the main attraction in a local parade! The next night we found ourselves dancing with broken glass crunching underfoot at a gangster bar, and in-between we discovered an abandoned church with a skull and crossbones-filled catacomb (an interesting spot where we still take guests!)

Why is Steve the right travel expert

Because I love taking the time upfront to listen to your ideas and visions for your Peru trip. Because I love sharing thoughts on how to make the most of your time in Peru. Because I can translate your ideas into reality. Because I'm intimate with Peru and passionate about sharing it with travellers. Because I care about all the details, both large and small, that make our trips exceptional.

But don't just take my word for it, please read guest reviews here on Bookmundi and across the web for first-hand experiences. We look forward to helping you plan your next adventure!