Nature has captivated me ever since I was a child. From spending all afternoon fascinated by the smallest insects to absorbing the breathtaking landscapes of southern Chile. I also love meeting new people and visiting new places. I'm especially curious about people who live in the wilderness, and the strong connection between mankind and nature. These interests have transformed into my passion, and nowadays I strive to live a more harmonic and simplistic life.

I have been designing and operating unique trips in Chile and Argentina, for more than 10 years for travelers worldwide. Through tourism, I can show my country and share my experiences to create epic customized trips for interested people. I adapt trips to clients' requests and expectations and help them to build lifetime journeys in the bottom of South America.

Christian's Travel Expertise

I specialize in customized trips in Chile and Argentina and I have a big passion for hiking, so I spend a considerable amount of my time exploring new trails in Patagonia and southern Chile.

I also love to spend time with locals, knowing their traditions, learning about them, and creating experiences together to connect them with travelers from all around the world.

Christian's best travel experience

One of the most unique travel experiences that I’ve had was the Huemul Circuit in El Chalten, Argentina. This off-the-beaten-path multi-day hike is a badass challenge for those who want to push their limits and experience pure remoteness.

The circuit starts in El Chalten and you spend 3 nights at Los Glaciares National park, hiking along breathtaking lagoons, glaciers, icebergs, Patagonian forest, and distinct fauna such as huemuls and pumas!

Why is Christian the right travel expert

I will be your dedicated travel advisor, spending time showing you the best options according to your expectations and adapting each piece of your itinerary to fit like a perfect puzzle. This is something that is done together, so I also like to get to know you better, chat on the phone or Zoom to build a lifetime unique trip.