I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, so I am a little bit of a true Porteño. When I was a kid I traveled a lot with my family, and then when I was a bit older I studied hospitality at university and I discovered my passion for traveling. I did my first internship abroad when I was 19 years old, and since then I have never stopped; I have traveled all around Argentina, and to several destinations in Chile as well.

Now, I live in Valencia (Spain) but I still aim to spend 2–3 months in Argentina every year to help our team and also continue to discover new fantastic travel experiences.

I've always felt that travel is not my work but my passion... I breathe travel every day!

Matias's Travel Expertise

I am a very active person despite growing up in the city and one of my specialties is active and adventurous travel. I also love the constant buzz and vibe of Buenos Aires and am an expert at knowing all the little corners and hidden places of the city. As a foodie, I am always exploring new bars and restaurants, and I have also traveled around the country discovering wineries and trying food experiences. Although organizing gastronomic or wine trips is one of my strengths, I don't even consider it as working really, because it is something I am so passionate about.

Despite my own passions, I specialise in deisgning custom trips for travelers with any interests!

Expert Activities

Matias's best travel experience

I think one of my most unique travel experiences was sailing through the glaciers in Patagonia on a cruise. We sailed through stunningly beautiful fjords and glaciers that were unreachable any other way. As it was still the beginning of the season and it was a bit cold, we also got some snow. Waking up those mornings and seeing the amazing glaciers from my cabin window while it was snowing was priceless.

Why is Matias the right travel expert

I am a passionate travel designer who always seeks the best travel experiences for everyone, whatever your interests. I always try hard to go beyond your expectations to make your travels a dream come true.

I also have more than 15 years of experience in the travel industry, and there is no one day that goes by when I change my mind on my choice of profession! I love to travel and it is my passion to craft trips that make unforgettable memories for every traveler.