I am a 38-year-old Chilean ecotourism professional living in the biggest Chilean city—Santiago. I love to ride my bicycle everywhere! Ecotourism is very important to me and has been throughout my life: As a child I was a boy scout and was always in nature, walking and discovering new places.

I grew up in Santiago and after I graduated from ecotourism management, I traveled and lived in different regions of Chile including all along the north and south, working in different tourism areas. As a tourist, I visited Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Mexico. I also went to Brazil to learn Portuguese. Eventually I made my way to Denmark and worked as a tour guide in Copenhagen. During my holidays there, I visited several European countries. My last long trip was to Quebec where I learned French.

Now, I live and work in Santiago. I love to do yoga and enjoy all the cultural activities Santiago has to offer, especially since the 2019 revolution.

Omar's Travel Expertise

I have been to every Chilean region and I can show travelers all the important places to visit, the off-the-beaten places, the hidden gems of Chile, and the breathtaking landscapes deep in nature.

From the driest desert in the world, Atacama, to the wild nature and breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia, I help travelers explore all the corners of this magnificent country, whether it is visiting Easter Island, immersing in the Rapa Nui culture and witnessing its famous Moais sculptures or treating your adventurous spirit by jumping into the center of the Pacific Ocean.

From diverse neighborhoods and historical museums in the cosmopolitan city of Santiago to delectable restaurants and amazing wine valleys, the Mediterranean region in the country’s center has much to offer.

I can help curate the perfect holiday for you!

Expert Activities

Omar's best travel experience

While I was working in Torres del Paine, I trekked the Circuit O. It was April, which is the low season, so it was not crowded. During the trek I camped inside the park and I had the wonderful opportunity to spot Pumas. These American cats can be seen walking around in the national park as they are used to people. It was an unforgettable moment!

Why is Omar the right travel expert

People want to have an exceptional trip they can recall for years. From sightseeing and cultural vacations to adventure and relaxing holidays, I can help bring your ideas to life by finding the perfect option to make your trip memorable.

As a Chilean, my knowledge of the country and its destinations allows me to provide travelers with an immersive holiday experience.

Experience Chile like never before with me by your side!