My name is Oxana and I am originally Russian, but I lived in Cuba, Costa Rica and the United States before I finally came to Chile — a land of infinite travel opportunities! When I initially arrived, I was not planning to stay, but I fell in love with this beautiful country and its people, and when you come here you will understand why! Chile has now been my new home for the past 5 years, and I cannot wait to see more of the country with every day I spend here.

As well as travel, learning is a passion of mine. I also love photography and the idea of trying new or challenging things.

I love to travel, but more than that I enjoy bringing unique and unforgettable experiences to our clients! I believe that a travel experience always depends on the person you travel with rather than just the destination.

Oxana's Travel Expertise

I came to Chile as a tourist myself, and I know just what exactly you may be looking for! I specialize in making your experience tailor-made. I believe that the very same place can be seen completely differently depending on when and how you visit it, and I am here to make sure you do it the best way. I am also passionate about photography, which does help to think about each experience from a different perspective!

At my company, we also believe in sustainable tourism, and that comes not only by being ecologically friendly but also by using and empowering the services of our local providers. We value the work of our guides, drivers, and providers that make the process of designing a trip possible and enjoyable!

Oxana's best travel experience

I have always traveled since I was a kid, so it is hard to pick just one experience. If I have to pick a unique one, I would say the time my dad and I decided to go on a road trip through all the sites of Cuba, all the way from Havana to Baracoa. It was not an easy task, as there are many places that do not have access to paved roads, gasoline, or even places to sleep. But it was the best off-the-beaten-road type of experience where getting lost was just the precise charm that we were looking for!

Why is Oxana the right travel expert

Since I first arrived in Chile, I have traveled all around the country. I love sharing my experiences and expertise with people. I am always looking for new destinations and new ways of exploring the country through the people and nature, and I love creating new itineraries off the beaten path!

Since the beginning, my company has focused on personalizing our work and giving each client an important experience. All of us here love to travel and we know how important it is to plan everything well and be able to provide expertise and support while traveling. "We identify with our clients".

I can not compare the services and itineraries offered to you by different agents and companies and I definitely do not have a way to know how those companies operate. I do believe that we have this special added value to the trip which comes with trip assistance, flexibility when possible, personal attention during the quotation process, and the trip itself.