As a child, I lived and travelled the length and breadth of India and Nepal, which made me comfortable in many environments. I also had a very disciplined upbringing; my father was a retired general in the Indian Army and thus timing, discipline and punctuality are like a second skin to me.

I grew up extremely confident and passionate about a whole lot of things, and I am still that way now. Climbing, for one, is an activity that is close to my heart and I have climbed to 7100 metres! I’m an avid Supebiker and as a youngster also designed motorbikes and did a roadshow on BBC about the same. I was also a passionate DJ in my early years. I'm a specialized landscape and wildlife photographer, something I’m deeply passionate about. I am also into fitness and train 6 days a week. However, despite all of these interests, I never lose focus of my real passion...travel. Travel is something I've done for over 30 years now.

Shiv Raj's Travel Expertise

My interests and specialties are in cultural trips, adventure holidays, wildlife safaris and photography. These are areas that are close to my heart and I am very passionate about.

I believe India has a lot to show to the world including spirituality, food, wine, adventure, wildlife, yoga and so much more. I have been immersed in all of these aspects and can thus deliver a better, more comprehensive experience for you. I would be glad to tailor-make any trip for you. There are some unique festivals and fairs I would love to help you plan.

I can also confidently say that by far, I am the best wildlife enthusiast you can come across in India!

Shiv Raj's best travel experience

I remember two very unique experiences I’d like to share, one about wildlife and one about trekking.

I’ve been a wildlife specialist over 27 years, and I remember this occasion 2 years ago when a hungry female tigress was stalking deer in the park. The presence of our Jeep (the only one in that area at that moment) made the tigress uneasy. At one point, she made a mock charge at us and the people I was sharing the jeep with panicked. I told them to remain quiet and not to move. The tigress approached us but at the last minute, she moved away. I think that had we panicked, made noise and run she would have chased us. But we remained quiet so we did not emerge as a threat to the animal.

Another time, I was doing the Frozen Zanskar Trek in Ladakh, where the temperatures were minus 36 degrees. I was with a group of 12 people. At one point, the river wasn't fully frozen, so we had to wade through water to cross the river before climbing a hillside and traversing the mountain. On the traverse, I was helping two ladies who were a bit nervous walking on a ledge. While I was helping them, my leg slipped, and I fell some 20 feet. The fall, if complete, would have been over 150 feet straight into the frozen river! But luckily, I was able to arrest my fall and soon joined the group.

Life is made of such adventures. We should all have some stories to tell the next generation!

Why is Shiv Raj the right travel expert

I’m your hands-on person for Nepal and India. Since I've travelled extensively in these areas, I can better deliver knowledge of these places. I also know how to lay out each and every request and make the trip personal and individualized. Travel is often about the people in the destination and I can bring you closer to the locals. I know how to make your travel special!