Travelling has been my passion for a long time and I have always loved exploring new places. I have visited several places in my home country, Nepal, as well as over 30 other countries! Adventure is another of my passions, and in following this I have gone skydiving, scuba diving and paragliding in many different countries.

I have a master’s degree in development studies from the largest university in Nepal, and I currently operate a tour company in Kathmandu, called Himalayan Leisure, Inc. I love being a part of this highly-rated (and loved by our customers) adventure tour operator!

As a tour operator, I work to produce perfect tour programs for our customers from all over the world. I love designing new holiday itineraries and suggesting them to the customers according to their needs.

Upendra's Travel Expertise

As both a local and an adventure-lover, I have extensive knowledge and experience of the Himalayas, and the world-famous trekking routes that trail through these mountains. I was an adventure tour guide myself for a couple of years. During that period, I was able to explore the spectacular Himalayas of Nepal.

Whether an adventure-seeker is looking for trekking, high altitude passes or mountaineering, I can help travelers plan a holiday in these beautiful Himalayas. People who are looking to spend a quality holiday in the Trans-Himalayan region of Nepal can contact me to plan a memorable holiday.

Upendra's best travel experience

As I grew up in a landlocked country, getting my PADI certified scuba diving license in Sri Lanka was an unusual and unforgettable experience. I originally went to Sri Lanka for a relaxed beach holiday but once I reached Hikkaduwa (a really beautiful city in Sri Lanka) things changed. I decided I wanted to experience the adventure of “going underwater”, and I ended up going home as a PADI certified scuba diver! It was a beautiful, amazing experience to travel beneath the water and experience the beauty of nature. Life gives you chances to explore so go for it!

Why is Upendra the right travel expert

I have lots of experience planning and designing holidays for travellers. I have worked with over two-thousand travellers from every corner of the world and have helped them to create the personalised itineraries that they are looking for. I also have lots of knowledge about travelling inside Nepal. But most importantly of all, I love what I do: I love helping people to arrange a memorable holiday. I love talking to people. I love sharing my knowledge and I love learning from others.