I'm from Rajasthan, also known as "the land of Maharajas" and grew up in Jaipur. Coming from a family who was already in the travel industry for the past 35 years, my interest in tourism developed from a very early age. After I graduated, I joined my father in his travel company, a family business, and started learning as much as I could.

I traveled extensively while working at my father's company. It was then that I discovered my love for meeting new people and for trying new food. Afterward, I wanted to share my country, its food, and my experiences with people all over the world. However, my father's company only catered to local travelers. I then started a travel company on my own.

I love making new and unique itineraries to offer amazing experiences to travelers to India. So far, we are doing very well. More than 500 excellent reviews online speak about our offerings and services!

Karni's Travel Expertise

I have traveled all over Northern India and have expert knowledge about all the attractions and accommodations, but also about the local culture and traditions.

I specialize in making itineraries that not only cover well-known monuments and temples but also focus on culture and on the rural parts of India. India is very well known for its culture, so I am proud to showcase it to travelers coming to this beautiful country.

I also specialize in designing new, custom itineraries as per the requirements of travelers. Some of our itineraries include staying at old castles, romantic island getaways, or wildlife tours.

Karni's best travel experience

Recently, I did a trip to Jaisamand Lake, which is nearly 50 kilometers from Udaipur, the City of Lakes. The drive to Jaisamand was spectacular; the road took me through jungles and mountains and was really amazing. After reaching Jaisamand Lake, I took a boat ride to the hotel, which was in the middle of the lake on an island.

After reaching the hotel, I checked in and had some time to relax before I tried something new for me – fishing! Later, I enjoyed a cup of tea and snacks on a boat in the lake while watching the beautiful sunset. The breeze of the lake and the peaceful environment gave me such a feeling of well-being. The whole trip was an amazing experience that I will never forget.

Why is Karni the right travel expert

I was born and grew up in the Northern part of India, so I have expert local knowledge that comes from living in the region and being exposed to the tourism business from a young age. Being a local, I also have insider knowledge about the outskirt areas, which many travel experts don't know.

I can happily customize tours for travelers and I am very responsive to any enquires.

My team also has a great network. We have our own offices, staff, transportation, etc. which enables us to provide flawless services to travelers, including 24/7 customer service to ensure you have a wonderful time.

I very much look forward to helping you organize your dream vacation to Incredible India!! :)