Ever since I was little, travelling has been my passion. Sharing my travels and experiences with others has been my professional motivation ever since. From a young age, I started travelling around the world and meeting people from all corners of the globe. I first travelled to Nepal while I was studying for my bachelor degree in international tourism management, and started working for a local travel agency there.

Since then I have been creating holidays for people around the world with the intention of sharing my amazing travel experiences to the rest of the world. I have travelled to Nepal many times now and have also visited some of the most remote areas of the country. I have been very grateful for these experiences and am very happy to share this with other travellers.

Jón's Travel Expertise

I specialize in any destination and any form of tourist activity in Nepal. As I have travelled to Nepal many times and have done many different activities myself, I am able to advise you on a complete travel experience in Nepal. My absolute favourite is the Annapurna Circuit Trek. This trek is a great opportunity to see the diversity of Nepal on a mountain trekking destination.

Jón's best travel experience

By far, the most unique travel experience has been my trip to Necha, a very remote part of Nepal in the Solukhumbu area. This village is only reachable after a 12-hour jeep drive from Kathmandu until the road ends, and then from here, it is 2 full days of walking to finally reach the village.

Upon arriving in Necha, I received the best and warmest welcome I have ever gotten when reaching a destination. The people are so very friendly and hospitable. Many of the local villagers invited us in their homes, offered us tea and showed us around their village.

Why is Jón the right travel expert

As I have travelled to many different places in Nepal, I am able to advise on and suggest the best travel experiences possible in this country. I have been involved with different tour operators and travel agencies over the years and would like to share my experience and expertise with you. If you are looking for a professional, unique and high-quality travel expert for your Nepal trip, please do not hesitate to choose me as your expert!