I was born and raised in a remote village in Nepal. As a teenager, I was so interested in travel and in meeting people from different countries that after high school, I moved to Kathmandu, where I began my career in the tourism industry. Nobody supported me — my family included. This was 25 years ago now and at that time the most coveted jobs for Nepalese people were government jobs, doctors, engineers and lawyers.

My passion for traveling led me to start my career as a trekking guide. In those days, I learned so much about travel management. After earning a bachelor’s degree, I realized that my passion should be formalized. Back then, there were very few formal trekking and travel agencies in Nepal. My knowledge and field experience prompted me to start my own professional trekking agency in 1998.

Since then, I have been privileged to serve people from many different parts of the world. I have traipsed almost every trekking route of Nepal. I have visited countries like the USA, the UK, Scotland, Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, India, and more.

Now, I am 46 years old and I still have the hunger to take clients, walk the Himalayan trails and breathe the thin chilled air. Seeing the smiling faces of my clients when they complete a trekking, climbing, or any tour in Nepal gives me immense satisfaction and happiness.

I am proud to say that I chose tourism as my profession and, finally, my family members no longer feel ashamed to say that I work in this amazing industry.

Khum's Travel Expertise

I specialize in trekking, climbing and general tours around Manaslu, Annapurna, Everest, Langtang. If you are an adventurer, I also specialize in off the beaten trails of Nepal.

I have worked in the tourism industry in Nepal since its very first days. Hence, I have extensive knowledge about trip planning, arrangement and the selection of crew members, which are all the major factors for a hassle-free holiday in Nepal.

I am also proud to say that have instilled honesty, resourcefulness and impeccable hospitality in my company the Unique Adventure International.

Khum's best travel experience

After 25 years in the industry, I have numerous travel tales worthy to be shared. However, there is one trip which I will never forget.

It was in 1994 and we were trekking to Manaslu High Camp (6300 m). I was to lead a British expedition team to the top of Manaslu High Camp. The trail was so treacherous and rarely used, so I had to be extra careful about the meals, the trail and of course, the guests’ health.

Continuous snowfall during our ascent hindered us and made for very poor visibility. Then, when we were almost at the top, one trekker went missing. I had to make a quick decision and return back immediately in search of him. The snow had covered the tracks, so I had to use only my instincts. After 2 hours, I found him lying helplessly on the trail amidst heavy snowfall, suffering from a hamstring injury. I had to carry him for about 3 hours to the top for immediate medical help. Despite this hardship, he was so happy and felt accomplished when we finished the trip.

I will never forget when we bade farewell at the airport he said, “you saved me”. This incident always motivates me to go above and beyond guests' expectations.

Why is Khum the right travel expert

With more than two decades of experience, I have made strong networks in almost all destinations of Nepal. My company is one of the pioneering trekking agencies in Nepal! Strong connections have made all our trips hassle-free. Local accommodation, catering, and transportation are a lot easier with us.

I believe that everything should be updated. Obsolete itineraries don't guarantee satisfaction. So, in our off-season, I send our travel planners to explore all our destinations. I am also proud to say that have instilled honesty, resourcefulness, and impeccable hospitality in my company.

I can offer you over 200 different holiday packages to choose from, including trekking, climbing, adventure, heritage, family, leisure, safari, and custom trips. From popular destinations to off the beaten track, I try to accommodate all forms of touristic activities possible.

My company takes a local approach and has been awarded numerous times by the Nepal government, tourism bodies, and various international travel organizations.