I grew up in a rural village in the Gorkha district of Nepal, in very a remote place that did not have the accessibility of roads and vehicles. Walking miles for hours (what we call hiking these days!) was a regular part of my childhood.

After high school, I had the ambition to be a geologist. While I was pursuing my studies in geology, I went trekking in the mountains for some related research work. Here, I discovered my love for traveling.

I moved into the adventure and travel industry after getting hooked on trekking. When I started out, adventure travel was a fairly new concept in Nepalese tourism. But I persisted and my team and I began our travel company in Kathmandu. The ride was not an easy one, but our company has come a long way!

Sagar's Travel Expertise

For the past three decades, I have personally organized and led many diverse treks and tours. The trips include trekking and climbing in the Everest Region and the Annapurna Region, and tours to Tibet, Bhutan and Ladakh, and many other places.

My main objective has always been to introduce safe trekking, authentic adventure, and personalized services to all travelers to their desired dream destination in/around Nepal. Today, my company has become one of the most acknowledged experts in trekking and climbing in the Himalayas.

Sagar's best travel experience

I started out in the travel industry because of my incurable fascination with adventure travel. I have trekked almost all the famous (and some not-so-famous) trekking trails of Nepal, and each one of those experiences has been surreal. However, my most favorite travel experience was a trekking trip to Mt. Kailash. The trail we took via Simikot went through the most remote western parts of Nepal before entering Tibet. On the way, the beauty of Garuda Valley and Mansarovar Lake was magical. The memories of that trip will always stay with me.

Why is Sagar the right travel expert

I have been a travel consultant specializing in Nepal for more than 28 years and I have the local knowledge and experience to create great itineraries. In the planning stage, I make sure that every trip that I send my customers on fits perfectly with their interests, preferences, and travel goals. During trips, I am constantly in touch with our operations team to ensure that my customers are having a great time. However, what matters most to me is that our clients have a great experience and truly enjoy their trip. As every client is different, we listen to their expectations and interests so we can create an itinerary that is perfect for them.