I grew up in Buli, a small and remote village in the Zhemgang district, Bhutan. Since I was a kid, I have loved hiking and exploring; I used to tag along with my big brother and explore ancient walking trails, picking up pine cones for the fire and collecting herbs for my grandmother’s incense.

Mountains have always brought a sense of joy and peace to my heart, and, after completing my studies, I trained as a guide so I could show Bhutan to visitors through the eyes of a local. I am now a certified guide for both cultural and trekking tours and have been leading exclusive treks and tours for the past 20 years, sometimes as a guide and other times as a tour leader.

I am fluent in English, Hindi, Nepali and Dzongkha. I am also a freelance trainer for young enthusiastic trekking guides at the Institute of Professional Studies. Sometimes I just accompany my students and explore new hiking trails.

I love showing guests my homeland world of Himalayan peaks, grasslands and remote pastures, entertaining them with folk stories along the way.

Sangay's Travel Expertise

My specialty is trekking; I have led treks of all kinds, ranging from 3 days to the legendary and challenging 25-day “Snowman Trek” that takes experienced trekkers through some of the most exquisite spots in the country. This trek is known as the world's toughest trek as it goes over 12 mountain passes, all of them over 4500 meters! I pride myself on completing this difficult trek 25 times.

I also specialize in culture and sightseeing trips and I’ve led many cultural groups and received positive reviews for them.

More than just being a guide, I also try to positively elevate visitors’ experience by being a companion and friend.

Sangay's best travel experience

When I was 14 years old, my three friends and I hiked up to Phajoding monastery and visited Dungtho Lake. It is a full-day hike, and we needed to start early in the morning so we could return by the evening. We packed a lunch and visited the monastery and the lake, but, while returning from the lake, we somehow got separated. It was beginning to get dark when we realized that the two of us were on the wrong trail. We were lost! There were no mobile phones at the time so we were unable to contact anyone. We were very scared, thinking we could encounter wild animals. Add to that it was very cold, the temperature below zero, and we were hungry. There were no houses anywhere nearby; we thought we may never return. Frightened of going more off-track, we took refuge in nearby ruins. In the middle of the night, a few monks from Phajoding monastery, along with our other two friends, came to rescue us. This is one travel experience that I can never forget.

Why is Sangay the right travel expert

I make an excellent travel expert because I am a born and bred local who can provide unforgettable experiences to travelers who want to discover the mountains, not only because of the years of experience I have but also because of my passion for mountains. I am also comfortable leading visitors through sites of historical and cultural interest.

I offer quality-driven and customized travel experiences for individual travelers and groups. The journeys I create are completely based on client interests and are crafted to delight and exceed expectations.