Top 13 Things to do in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is one of South America’s most magnificent cities. Home to enthusiastic soccer fans, lively streets, and the birthplace of the tango, Buenos Aires is full of attractions to see, do and explore. If you’re planning on visiting but are not sure what to do in Buenos Aires, we’ve got you covered. Below are the top 13 things to do in Buenos Aires to help you make the most of your time in this brilliant Argentinean city.

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1. Dance the tango

Whether you want to learn or simply watch, Buenos Aires is the perfect city to indulge in a little tango. The national dance of Argentina, the tango was born in Buenos Aires and is still one of the city’s most popular attractions. From dinner-and-tango shows to authentic milongases (tango nights), shows and classes are held every day of the week throughout the city.

Good to know: Hit the dance floor at Salon Canning. Admission is less than USD 1*, and classes are offered frequently.

Suggested tour: Buenos Aires Tango Night Experience

2. Wander through Recoleta Cemetery

Buenos Aires Recoleta Cemetery
Wander through the impressive monuments and mausoleums

Recoleta Cemetery is not just known as one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world but it is also the final resting place of Buenos Aires’ rich and famous. Wander through the impressive monuments and mausoleums while paying your respects to some of Argentina’s most notable figures, including first lady Eva Perón.

Good to know: One of the top Buenos Aires attractions, admission to the cemetery is free. To find the most “popular” gravesites, take a tour or pick up a copy of the cemetery map.

Try a mixed-bag sightseeing tour of Buenos Aires that includes a visit to Recoleta Cemetery as well.

3. Catch a show at Teatro Colón

Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires
Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires

Teatro Colón is a Buenos Aires landmark and one of the top five most important opera houses in the world. Since opening in 1857, this magnificent building has been home to musical performances, symphonies, operas, ballets, and more. Standing more than seven stories high and spanning an entire city block, Teatro Colón is one of the top things to see in Buenos Aires if you’re a culture aficionado.

Good to know: Learn more about the majestic theatre by taking a guided tour. Starting every 15 minutes, these USD 15* tours are offered Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:00.

4. Explore San Telmo

San Telmo is one of the oldest barrios (neighborhoods) in Buenos Aires. Famous for its colorful Colonial-style houses that line narrow cobblestone lanes, San Telmo is a living time capsule into the city’s past. With its bohemian, city, and tango influences, San Telmo is an incredibly interesting area of the city to wander and explore.

Good to know: On Sundays, the Feria de San Telmo attracts more than 12,000 visitors to the quaint neighborhood, to browse the 270 stands of antiques, jewelry, one-of-a-kind gifts, and original souvenirs.

Try this sightseeing tour of Buenos Aires that includes a visit to San Telmo.

5. Root for the home team at a soccer game

La Bombonera stadium
La Bombonera football stadium in Buenos Aires

Don your best blue and yellow, warm up your vocal chords and experience one of the top things to do in Buenos Aires: attend a soccer match (known as football in Argentina). Nothing is as exhilarating and exciting as jumping up and down alongside die hard soccer fans as they sing, dance and cheer on their favorite players. Even if you’re not a football fan, going to the games for the atmosphere alone is an experience you don’t want to miss. Head to La Bombonera, one of Buenos Aires most famous football stadium and home to Boca Juniors club.

Good to know: The easiest way to attend a match is to go with an organized group. Tours to games, as well as to the stadiums, can be arranged through a myriad of organizers.

6. See the works of iconic Latino artists at MALBA

The Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (or MALBA) is Argentina’s premier contemporary art museum. Set aside a few hours to explore the MALBA’s extensive collection, which includes works by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, as well as lesser-known modern Argentinean masters.

Good to know: The museum is open every day from 12pm to 8pm, except Tuesdays, when it’s closed. On Wednesdays, the museum stays open until 9 pm, adults can enjoy half-priced admission to view the general collection and students can visit for free.

7. Sample Argentinian wines

Wine tasting in Buenos Aires
Sip on some red wines in one of the many fine restaurants in Buenos Aires

Recently named the country’s national drink, to say wine is popular in Argentina is an understatement. Buenos Aires is well known for producing an excellent selection of red wines, including mendoza and malbec, and is the perfect place to indulge in a glass or two. Sit back and relax while enjoying one of Argentina’s favorite pastimes.

Good to know: Wine tours and tastings are available throughout the city and are a great way to spend an educational yet fun and relaxing evening learning more about the country’s wine culture.
Suggested tour: Dive into the World of Malbec in Palermo

8. Cruise the eye of the Tigre

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires and visit the eye of the Tigre. Located just 45 minutes outside of the city by train, the Tigre is an untouched subtropical delta. Home to densely forested islands and sparkling water ways, the Tigre is one of the best day trips you can take from the capital. Take a boat trip down the canals, visit museums, go shopping or just take a leisurely walk around the port; there are so many things to do in Tigre.

Good to know: Plan to visit on a Sunday when the city of Tigre hosts the Puerto de Frutos. After touring the waterways, browse the market stalls for foods, crafts, handmade furniture and more.

9. Explore El Caminito in La Boca

Located in the La Boca barrio, El Caminito is one of the city’s most iconic streets. Thanks to its vibrantly painted houses and buildings and tango dancers in the street, this open-air museum and traditional alley is sure to attract attention. Visit El Caminito to learn more about the interesting history of the area and to snap some Insta-worthy photos.

Good to know: Stretching just 100m, El Caminito definitely lives up to its name. But, don’t underestimate this little path. Home to several bars, restaurants, shops and more, El Caminito is a small street that packs a big punch.

This Buenos Aires Stopover tour includes visits to many popular attractions in Buenos Aires, including a tour of La Boca.

10. Spend an art-infused day at Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

The Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires (MNBA) is one of the best in the world. Located in the Recoleta district, MNBA is home to stunning artworks by South American artists, as well as pieces by big names like Van Gogh, Monet and Picasso. Plan to spend a couple of hours at the museum as you browse the largest and most important collection of Argentine art in the country.

Good to know: Admission is free! The museum opens from 11:00 to 20:00 from Saturdays and Sundays, and 10:00 to 20:00 from Tuesday to Friday. They stay closed on Monday. Tours in English are offered at 1:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

11. Take in the races at Hipódromo Argentino

For fans of horse racing, the Hipódromo Argentino is a must-see. One of the most prominent racing venues in Argentina, the Hipódromo Argentino is noted for its French architectural design and 2,400-meter track that is designed for racing in all weather. Enjoy a few drinks and the Argentinean sunshine as you spend a day (or afternoon) at the races.

Good to know: Entrance is free. Horse races start from noon and go until 21:00, so you can place bets or even try your hands on the slot machines. Explore more of the grounds and visit the stables by taking a guided tour of the Hipódromo Argentino.

12. Gorge on empanadas

Empanadas Platter
Satiate your hunger by biting into the quintessential Argentinian snack

Satiate your hunger by biting into the quintessential Argentinian snack. Empanadas are little enveloped of fried or baked dough stuffed with a savory filling. Made with everything from chicken and beef to onions and cheese, empanadas are the perfect food to nibble on as you walk around the city.

Good to know: Empanadas are sold everywhere from street kiosks to sit-down restaurants. For the best empanadas, visit Güerrin near the Obeliso, Ña Serapia in Palermo or La Cocina in Recoleta.

Suggested tour: Buenos Aires Food Tour

13. Visit Casa Rosada

Visit Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires
The iconic building gets its name from the pink hue on its exterior walls

Casa Rosada is one of the most important and emblematic buildings in Buenos Aires. This palatial mansion is where the president and government of Argentina work, and from where Juan and Eva Perón delivered their famous speeches from the balcony. Marvel at its bright pink exterior before taking a stroll through Plaza de Mayo, finding yourself at the epicenter of Argentine politics.

Good to know: Tours of Casa Rosada are offered in English Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays at 12:30 and 14:30.

Suggested tour: Buenos Aires Experience Independent

From lively football matches and vibrant street museums to world-class museums and political attractions, there are so many things to do in Buenos Aires. No matter how you choose to journey through this city during your Argentina trip, you’re guaranteed to have a fabulous time.

Reach out to our local travel experts in Argentina for a customized tour of Argentina. Depending on your Argentina itinerary, you can choose how many days you want to spend in Buenos Aires. Or, if you want to explore further, there are other destinations in Argentina with abundant opportunities to venture out. You can check our guide on things to do in Argentina to find activities that best suit you. For a seasonal overview of the country, you can read our guide on the best time to visit Argentina

*Note: Prices are as of March 2018.

Published by Marie Storm, updated on May 3, 2023

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