Winter in Argentina: Top 5 Destinations

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From tango dancing and spectacular wine in Buenos Aires to stunning natural landscapes in Patagonia, an Argentina tour offers a host of cultural and outdoor adventures to travelers. This is no different during winter in this South American country, with the available activities across Argentina and temperatures depending on where you visit during the country's colder months. Regardless of the places you have decided to visit in Argentina during winter, you will surely miss the big tourist crowds and steal the chance to see some of Argentina’s natural wonders at their peak.

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Argentina in winter

Argentina's winter months are June to August. However, because the country spans many latitudes, temperatures can differ vastly from location to location. The northern part of the country close to Brazil is subtropical, so temperatures are mild and pleasant in winter. In the central region and around Buenos Aires, winter temperatures are usually between 8°C and 16°C (6°F to 46°F), with some rain. Southern Patagonia gets the coldest, with temperatures generally at or below 0°C (32°F).

Top 5 go-to destinations in Argentina during winter

Don’t know where to go during winter? We have listed below our favorite picks of places to visit in Argentina, from the north to the south. 

1. Iguazu Falls in winter

Iguazu Falls in Argentina
The scenic view of Iguazu Falls can be enjoyed from the many viewing decks

Its location in northern Argentina means you're bound to experience a subtropical climate all-year-round but a trip to Iguazu Falls during Argentina’s winter months allows you to enjoy the falls’ magnificence in less-stifling heat and with lesser crowds. One of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, Iguazu Falls is a sight no one should miss in any weather.

Recommended activities:

  • Take a speedboat tour to the base of the falls. Water tends to be lower in winter, meaning it’s possible to get closer!
  • Splurge on a helicopter ride over the falls for a bird’s eye view
  • Hike the 4.5km Sendero Macuco for a jungle experience and a swimming hole when you reach the end; it is warm enough to enjoy a quick dip

2. Mendoza in winter

Mendoza in Argentina is a must visit place
Enjoy fine wine and spectacular views in Mendoza

Mendoza remains fairly warm during the Argentina winter months, especially during the day when the sun is shining. However, the mountains surrounding the area have the most snow on their peaks during winter, making the region especially scenic. Plus, you won’t get so many tourist crowds so that you can enjoy a more relaxed experience in Mendoza's famous wineries, cultural landmarks, and beautiful natural scenery! 

Recommended activities:

  • Check out the cultural areas like the Plaza Independencia and the Peatonal Sarmiento
  • Hike in Parque Provincial. During winter in Argentina, it won’t take as long to reach the snowline
  • Tour Mendoza's wineries on a bicycle and enjoy the cool temperatures
  • Try the local wine and cuisine Mendoza is known for

3. Bariloche in winter 

Ski in Bariloche during winter in Argentina
Winter enthusiasts will find plenty of fun activities to enjoy in this scenic mountain retreat in Argentina

A great place to experience a true Patagonian winter, Bariloche is known for its picturesque snowy slopes, log cabin resorts, and spectacular skiing conditions. Make sure you pack plenty of warm clothes since a trip to Bariloche during winter can be nose-numbing at times. Winter enthusiasts will find plenty of fun activities to enjoy in this scenic mountain retreat in Argentina. 

Recommended activities:

  • Hit the slopes! Bariloche has some of the best places to ski in the country
  • Experience a winter wonderland on horseback with a guided tour through the mountains, woods, and frozen rivers
  • Enjoy a cable car ride to the top of Mount Otto for some breathtaking views of a winter landscape

4. Ushuaia in winter

Ushuaia in winter
Ushuaia can be freezing cold during winter but the views are worth it

Experience winter in Argentina in the most extreme way possible — practically the farthest southern city in the world, Tierra del Fuego. When you're visiting Ushuaia, steal every opportunity to be outside and enjoy endless activities — from sledding to snow trekking and more. As you might expect, temperatures can be frigid with nights being sub-freezing, so make sure you pack extra layers to stay warm!  

Recommended activities:

  • Check out the stunning Martial Glacier on a guided trekking tour
  • Hike or snowshoe around Lake Fagnano
  • Take a snowmobile ride across the stark and beautiful winter landscape — you’re at “the end of the world” after all! 

5. Puerto Madryn in winter 

Magellan Penguins in Punta Tombo
Magellan penguins in Punta Tombo, Puerto Madryn

A coastal city in Patagonia, Puerto Madryn is particularly famous for being a whale-watching location, especially during the winter months in Argentina. Aside from having the chance to spot the southern right whale, there are lots of other cultural and outdoor activities when you're on a tour to Puerto Madryn. There’s never snow due to the location by the Atlantic, but it can still get a bit chilly, so make sure you pack layers. 

Recommended activities:

  • Check out South America’s largest penguin colony on the nearby Punta Tombo
  • Spot local wildlife including migratory sea birds, orcas, and whales on a whale-watching boat ride
  • Go snorkeling or scuba diving to see underwater marine life. With proper gear and a guide, diving is possible even during winter

Whether you’re hoping to experience the stark winter landscape of southern Argentina or you prefer the more temperate winter weather in the northern part of the county, winter in Argentina is always full of adventure. Skip the major tourist crowds and discover the great seasonal activities that other travelers might miss by visiting one of Argentina’s top destinations during winter! For a seasonal overview, you can check our guide on the best time to visit Argentina

For more ideas on Argentina's itineraries, check out our guide on how many days to spend in Argentina. If you'd like to customize your trip to Argentina, then get in touch with our travel experts in Argentina!

Published by Marie Storm, updated on July 19, 2022

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