Argentina in February: Better Outdoors and Local Festivities

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Argentina weather in February

Main facade of Casa Rosada or the government house in Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires excursions around the Plaza de Mayo city center allow visitors to witness iconic 19th-century architecture like Casa Rosada.

February usually boasts great weather in Argentina. While it can be somewhat hot and humid (stickier in some regions than others), the big upside is that weather is usually predictable and easy to plan for.

In Buenos Aires, the temperature usually stays between 16°C to 27°C, with high humidity. The weather gets even hotter and more humid further down north. The Atlantic coast, on the other hand, enjoys milder temperatures, though humidity levels stay high here as well.

Argentine Patagonia can be unpredictable during this time of the year, though it is more accessible than in the colder months. Count on temperatures around 10°C to 16°C. Summer winds are common, and a day that started out sunny and dry can grow windy and rainy in a blink of an eye. The rains, however, tend to be short, often leaving no reminder by the end of the day.

Weather in Argentina in February - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)292526221916151719222528
Avg Nightly (°C)2019181511881011141618
Avg Daily (°F)847779726661596366727782
Avg Nightly (°F)686664595246465052576164
Avg Rainfall (mm)10090901008030505050808090

Why Visit Argentina in February

Iguazu Falls, on the border of Argentina and Brazil
Iguazu Falls is a popular tourist destination on the Argentina-Brazil border known for its majestic waterfalls.
Cordoba   The Roman bridge and gate with the Cathedral in the background at
Cordoba, in Argentina, offers historical tours and the opportunity to meet gaucho — a South-American cowboy.

As February is the end of the high season in Argentina, it offers a great balance of bustling activity, easy access to main attraction sites, and more manageable crowds. 

  • Better rates: Planning a trip to Argentina in February means taking advantage of all the benefits of the high tourist season coming to an end, including more affordable traveling and accommodation costs.
  • Fewer crowds: While Argentina in February is still quite a popular traveling destination, it’s also when tourist traffic starts stagnating and decreasing, particularly in the second half.
  • Quiet cities: Trips to Buenos Aires and other major cities like Cordoba and Salta are most recommended during this time of the year; they are affordable and peaceful as many people are still gravitating towards beaches.
  • Outdoor activities: With long and (usually) sunny days, February is a perfect time to explore Argentina’s beaches and national parks. Try rock climbing in El Chaltén, hiking around Iguazú Falls, or fly-fishing in Nahuel Huapi National Park.
  • Local festivals: Some of the most famous Argentinian festivals, like the Cosquin Festival, take place in February. The Festival Nacional del Lúpulo is also held traditionally at the end of February in El Bolson and is a great opportunity to enjoy good music, good food, and, of course, plenty of good beer.

Where to go and what to do

Los Alerces National Park, Argentina
The chain of lakes separated by turbulent nature and the pristine natural beauty of Patagonia provides a definite character to the Los Alerces National Park.

February offers great options both to those who like being active and mingling during their travels and those who prefer spending their time more quietly.

  • Buenos Aires: With tourist traffic slowing down and locals heading to the beaches, February is an ideal time to explore all the museums, galleries, and architectural wonders of Argentina’s biggest cultural center. February is also when Buenos Aires Tango Festival is held, with opportunities to take free beginners lessons or simply enjoy watching people dance.
  • Explore Patagonia: The weather in February is perfect for exploring the stunning Patagonia region, which is inaccessible in colder months of the year. Go glacier trekking, marvel at Mt. Fitz Roy or spot the wildlife of Parque Nacional Patagonia.
  • Gualeguaychú Carnival: The biggest carnival in the country (and one of the greatest carnivals in the world) starts in January and continues all the way through February, being held for 9 Saturdays. Its samba parades, incredible floats, and beautiful costumes are not to be missed.
  • Los Alerces National Park: Located in Argentine Patagonia, this UNESCO heritage site is considered one of the most beautiful places in the country.

For more insights, check out our guide on things to do in Argentina.

What to bring

Tango dancers in the Plaza Dorredo in the historic center of San Telmo, Bue
Summer in Argentina compels the best of tango dancers to showcase their skills in the streets of Buenos Aires.

Due to the unpredictable weather, you should always bring a few pieces of warm and waterproof clothes with you to trip to Argentina in February. While having an option to layer up, it is also practically mandatory if you plan to visit Patagonia — a region known for its summer winds and unpredictable rains. If you’re planning a trip involving a lot of camping/hiking, bring sturdy outdoor gear that can withstand rapid weather changes.

The second half of February is the most favorable time to visit Argentina. Despite the end of Argentina’s high season, it still has much to offer; the crowds are more manageable and prices more affordable. The weather, while periodically unpredictable, can be expected to regularly vary between 16°C to 27°C, making it suitable for almost all types of trips. For more insight, you can check our guide on how many days to spend in Argentina.

If you need help with planning a customized trip to Argentina, you can always reach out to our local travel experts who can devise a tailored itinerary for your trip to Argentina in February

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