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7 Best Wineries in Tuscany


Tuscany is home to some of the world’s most renowned vineyards and cellars, which is why it should come as no surprise that this central Italian region is one of the most popular wine destinations in Europe. And to help you make the first steps towards exploring Italy’s beloved wine country, here is a round-up of the best wineries in Tuscany.

1. Avignonesi

Hidden away in the rolling Tuscan hills of central Italy, Avignonesi is a winery producing organic wines and is considered one of the leaders in Italian biodynamic viticulture.


  • Conveniently located just a 20-minute drive from the towns of Cortona and Montepulciano
  • Reservations aren’t required for wine tasting at the wine bar
  • Hot air balloon wine tasting ride available at sunrise


  • No overnight accommodation
  • Slightly far out of Florence for a day trip 

What to expect

  • Spectacular grounds, a spacious veranda, and breathtaking views out over the vineyards
  • Organic wines that are authentic to their roots, but singular and unique in nature
  • Beautiful gardens where you can gather ingredients for a traditional Tuscan cooking class

Food pairing tip: Pair the Grifi Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon with any dish that uses “sugo all’aglione”, a traditional garlic tomato sauce.

2. Castello di Gabbiano

Tucked away in an enchanting 12th-century castle, Castello di Gabbiano is famous for its flavourful Chianti wine manufactured in a quaint Tuscan setting.

Best wineries in Tuscany matched with great sense of taste produce Chianti
Wine ageing cellar at Castello di Gabbiano


  • Convenient location, only 20 minutes away from Florence
  • Easy booking options with accommodation in one of the rooms in the castle
  • Sprawling landscape with over 200 acres of Tuscany vineyards and olive groves


  • Due to its popularity, the rooms at Castello di Gabbiano need to be booked well in advance
  • Accommodation may be cost-prohibitive for visitors travelling on a budget

What to expect

  • Bright rooms that offer a combination of rustic interior and modern amenities
  • Finest Chianti wines whose productions involves rigorous quality control
  • A quaint, atmospheric restaurant where you can taste local dishes and even take cooking classes

Food pairing tip: The Gabbiano Chianti is best complimented with aromatic bistecca alla Fiorentina, Florentine beef steak which is usually served with white beans on the side.

3. Salcheto

Salcheto is a warm and welcoming boutique winery that boasts spectacular views, a rustic farmhouse-turned-guesthouse and aromatic wines made through sustainable, eco-friendly production.

Best wineries in Tuscany had helped produced this little glass of heaven.
A little glass of heaven for every occasion


  • Cosy, hospitable atmosphere with notably friendly staff
  • Beautiful panorama of the town of Montepulciano
  • Suites with clean, modern interior and hot tubs


  • The location is somewhat remote, requires driving on dirt tracks
  • Not suited for visitors seeking luxury accommodation

What to expect

  • Premium wines made with high-quality Sangiovese grapes
  • A rustic enoteca that stretches across the terrace of the winery
  • Thirteenth century farmhouse that accommodates nine rooms and a lounge

Food pairing tip: Salcheto’s enoteca serves several brunch dishes, which include carpaccio and black truffles, cinta senese cold cuts and spelt salad.

4. Rocca di Frassinello

Nestled on the hillside by the old Aurelia road, this chic French-Italian winery designed by the famous architect Renzo Piano is a must visit when you're taking an Italy tour. This gorgeous estate is ideal for visitors who are looking to experience a Tuscan winery where antique meets contemporary.

Best wineries in Tuscany, one of which is Rocca di Frassinello
Rocca pavillon
Tuscan wine, best represented by the Rocca range
Winery where antique meets contemporary


  • Intriguing architecture style that fuses modern with ancient
  • Open year-round, except on January 1 and December 25
  • Artwork done by famous American artist David LaChapelle


  • Tours around the winery need to be booked in advance
  • Not as accessible as most Tuscan wineries location-wise
Best of Tuscany: Some of which can be witnessed in Rocca di Frassinello
Art by famous American artist David LaChapelle
Best of Tuscany and Tuscan wine enclosed in Baffonero and Ornello
Baffonero by Rocca di Frassinello

 What to expect

  • Tours where you will be guided by Rocca di Frassinello’s own oenologist
  • Some of the most famous Tuscan wine, like Baffonero and Ornello
  • An exhibition dedicated to the ancient world of Etruscans, a rich and powerful civilization of ancient Italy

Food pairing tip: Rocca di Frassinello offers the region’s finest cold cuts and Tuscan cheese during wine tastings.

5. Poggio al Casone

Ideal for travelers who like to have a wide range of choice, at this prestigious wine resort you can kick back and enjoy the relaxed Tuscan lifestyle or take up one of the many activities that will give you an opportunity to truly immerse yourself in local culture.

Best wineries in Tuscany comes from this far stretched vineyards
Tuscany's vineyards stretched out as far as the eye can see


  • Over 40 acres of unspoiled nature surrounding the estate
  • Vast selection of fun activities, making this resort an ideal choice for families
  • Modern amenities designed for relaxation, such as hot tubs, salt water pools and saunas


  • Due to its upmarket setting, this estate may not be the best budget-friendly choice
  • Not suited for visitors who prefer low-key, off-the-beaten-path wineries

What to expect

  • Sophisticated accommodation that ranges from smaller apartments to standalone cottages
  • Superior wines made from finest organically grown grapes
  • A wide variety of activities, including wine tasting, cooking classes, yoga, etc

Food pairing tip: The local Sangiovese is a perfect match for tomato-based dishes, which at Poggio al Casone are made with fresh, organic ingredients in traditional Italian style.

6. Antinori

When it comes to the famous Antinori, the visitors usually come for the wines and stay for the otherworldly architecture. Situated in a modern construct designed using location-specific materials such as terracotta, glass and wood, Antinori is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Best wineries in Tuscany, invites a famous Antinori to our list.
A sip of Chianti Classico is best complimented with nut-breaded, wild-herb lamb


  • Located in a stylish estate which is unlike any other Tuscan wine
  • Nurtures wine-making traditions over 1,000 years old
  • A hip restaurant that offers innovative and affordable dishes


  • Not suited for visitors who prefer a classic Tuscan setting
  • No option for staying overnight

What to expect

  • Guided tours through the cellars, vineyards and the museum
  • State-of-the-art library packed with books on wine, architecture and design
  • Chic restaurant that offers breathtaking views, wine tasting and cooking classes

Food pairing tip: At the Rinuccio 1180 restaurant, you can sip on Chianti Classico alongside traditional dishes with a modern twist, such as nut-breaded wild herb lamb and salt cod mousse.

7. Castello di Ama

This charming family-owned estate was founded with an aim to become a haven of fine wine, supreme hospitality and contemporary art. Because of its peaceful atmosphere and private location, Castello di Ama is one of the best wineries in Tuscany for a holiday free of fuss and crowds.

Tuscany vineyards,
Mouth-watering, lush purple grapes straight from the vineyard


  • Contemporary installations made by renowned artists from all over the world
  • Pre-organized themed wine tastings
  • Ideal for couples, due to its secluded atmosphere


  • May not be suited for travellers looking for simple, unpretentious setting
  • Prices for wine-tasting tours can be steep compared to other wineries

What to expect

  • Comfortable rooms with gorgeous antique décor
  • Sun terrace overlooking the lakes of Chianti Classico region
  • Cosy osteria serving authentic regional dishes

Food pairing tip: The restaurant in Castello di Ama serves simple, yet delightful Tuscan bites such as pappa al pommodoro (bread and tomato soup) and pork loin with aubergines.

Hopefully this list helps you decide on the perfect place to acquaint yourself with Italy’s famed wine country. Between luscious nature, architecture that ranges from quaint to avant-garde and, above all, superior food and wine, there is no doubt that Tuscany will be a feast for all senses. And while you are there, these tours can help you soak up the best of Tuscany.

All these wineries can be added as a part of your customized tour to Italy with the help of our local travel experts in the country. For more information, read our travel article on how many days to spend in Italy.

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