Top 13 Things To Do in Jordan

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Escape into the realm of magical desert scape, steeped in centuries-old cultural and religious history, on a trip to Jordan. Unveil the hidden treasures of the Rose City of Petra; explore the ancient Greco-Roman ruins in Jerash and Amman; enjoy the thrill of camel safari, dune buggy ride, and sandboarding in Wadi Rum; or float in the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea. From sightseeing to cultural immersion to adventure, this Middle Eastern gem offers a lot to visitors. Here is our list of the best things to do in Jordan.

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1. Stargaze and unwind

Stars in the clear sky of Dana Biosphere Reserve.
Relax and observe the stars in the Dana Biosphere Reserve.

One of the best things to do in Jordan is stargazing. The sky over Jordan is extraordinarily dark and filled with more stars than you can imagine. The country's remote desert locations, such as Wadi Rum and Dana Biosphere Reserve, offer pristine night skies, unaffected by urban light pollution. Under these velvety black canvases, a mesmerizing tapestry of stars, planets, and constellations comes alive at night. The Milky Way sprawls across the heavens, casting a luminous trail. With the aid of expert guides and telescopes, visitors can explore the intricate details of celestial bodies and delve into the stories behind them.

Recommended locations:

  • Dana Biosphere Reserve: Jordan's largest nature reserve, offers exceptional stargazing opportunities. Its remote location and elevation provide minimal light pollution, allowing visitors to marvel at the night sky's brilliance while experiencing the reserve's rich biodiversity.
  • Wadi Rum: With its vast desert expanse and minimal light pollution, Wadi Rum offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in the night sky’s brilliance. The Milky Way stretches its luminescent arms across the heavens and shoots stars steak by in a beautiful dance.

Best time: September to April offers clearer skies, pleasant temperatures with reduced haze, less rain and minimal cloud cover. Opt for the new moon phase for optimal visibility of celestial objects.

Rocky wall at Petra, Jordan.
Explore the honeycombed landscape of the magnificent tombs and soaring sandstone cliffs of Petra.
The Arch of Hadrian at Jerash in Jordan.
Jerash is considered one of the largest and most well-preserved sites of Roman architecture.

From ancient times to the modern, Jordan has a long history of serving as a crucial trading hub and religious site for both Islam and Christianity. So, one of the top things to do in Jordan is to take a sightseeing tour of the country. The country has many sites that are mentioned in the Bible. Jordan is a living museum with a long history that dates back to more than 8,000 years ago. The country has many ancient sites that tell the story of the rise and fall of empires as well as the development of the contemporary state.

Recommended cities:

  • Petra: Petra which is a historic city founded in the fourth century BC. The ruins of the once-impressive metropolis and commercial hub today function as a significant archeological site and a popular tourist destination. Petra is also known as the "Rose City" because of the color of the stone from which it is carved. This half-built edifice carved on a rock face is surrounded by mountains riddled with passages and gorges. It has been on UNESCO’s world heritage list since 1985. 
  • Jersah: Perhaps the largest and best-preserved Roman city outside of Italy, you do not have to be a history buff to find Jerash fascinating. A trip to Jerash lends visitors an extraordinary insight into life 2000 years ago, with its colonnaded roadways, temples, theaters, and bathhouses. Just beyond the present-day city of Jerash are the ruins of the fortified Greco-Roman hamlet known as Gerasa. These include the Hadrian's Arch from the second century, the Corinthian Columns from the Temple of Artemis, and the enormous oval colonnade of the Forum.

Best time: The winter months (September to November) are perhaps the most atmospheric time to visit because of the reduced crowd numbers. Spring (March to May) is also a great time to visit, as the temperature is moderate during this time.

3. Relax in the Dead Sea

A girl reading a book while floating in the dead sea.
Relax and float amidst the famous Dead Sea enjoying the serenity of the desert.

Yes, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on the Earth’s surface, but it is more than just a geographical wonder. One of the fun things to do in Jordan is floating in the Dead Sea. Its high salt levels, almost ten times that of the ocean, offer an incredible buoyancy, so much so that you simply float in its waters. What's more, its mineral-rich waters and mud are hailed for their healing properties. So get ready to relax and get mucky when you visit the Dead Sea.

Best time: Spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) have the most comfortable temperatures for swimming in the Dead Sea. September and October have the least rainfall but these months see a huge uptick in visitor numbers and prices.

Insider's tip: Do not dive or soak your head (or face) when at the Dead Sea. And if you have open cuts, avoid the waters. And remember, do not shave or wax the day you are planning to bathe in the Dead Sea.

4. Canyoning Fun in Wadi Mujib

Canyon of Wadi Mujib in amazing golden light colors.
Enjoy canyoning among the breathtaking rock walls of Wadi Mujib.

Canyoning is the ideal activity for thrill-seekers to enjoy the splendor of Jordan's best and most impressive canyons. Explore the secret gorges and rappel, jump, and descend through waterfalls. Canyoning among the breathtaking rock walls of Wadi Mujib is one of the best things to do in Jordan. There are trails suitable for beginners through experienced canyoners.

Best time: Most of the top trails are only open between April and October. So make plans accordingly.

5. Camel Safari

Camels in Petra, Jordan
Explore the ancient city of Petra while enjoying a camel ride.
Camels riding in Wadi Rum desert, Jordan.
Enjoy camel riding in the deserts of Wadi Rum.

Taking a camel safari is undoubtedly one of the most fun things to do in South Jordan. One of the activities in Jordan is the camel safari. There may be no better way to explore Jordan’s desert destinations than on a camel safari. Riding these desert ships lets visitors connect with the region’s landscapes in a way that is simply impossible on a 4x4 safari.

Recommended spots:

  • Petra: This UNESCO World Heritage Site, is no stranger to camel trains, having been a significant base for the Bedouin tribe for hundreds of years. Draped in hand-weaved fabrics, the tribe’s camels can be picked up outside the famed Treasury building, from where they head towards the Qsar el Bint (the Temple of Dushares), exploring Petra’s finest structures along the way.
  • Wadi Rum: As Jordan’s largest wadi (dry riverbed), Wadi Rum makes for a great alternative location for a camel safari. Here, journeys can last from a morning to multiple days, giving visitors great views of the desert panoramas.

Best time: Both Petra and Wadi Rum are best visited during spring (March to May) or fall (September to November). During the summer, the temperature in these parts can hit 40°C, while the winter is close to freezing.

Glamping in Wadi Rum, Jordan
While glamping in Wadi Rum, take in the stars over the surrounding environment and mountains.

If Wadi Rum’s camel safaris do not interest you, how about an altogether more luxurious way to take in the region — glamping. One of the newest activities in Jordan, glamping in Wadi Rum allows you to have the full desert experience whilst nestled in perfectly finished Bedouin and bubble tents.

Best time: The desert heat dictates that the best time to enjoy a night of glamping at Wadi Rum is either from March to May or from September to November.

7. Stand on Mount Nebo

An old monastery at Mount Nebo,Jordan.
Visit Mount Nebo, where you will find the viewing platform, Moses Memorial Church, and the Serpent Statue.

It is not the highest peak in Jordan (which is Jebel Um Adaami), but Mount Nebo is both religiously and culturally important to Jordanians. Said to be the summit from where the prophet Moses was granted a view of the promised land. The trek to the top provides views right across the region, from the Jordan Valley to Jericho and even Jerusalem.

Best time: Most people visit Mount Nebo between April and October, although the mountain is open year-round.

8. Scuba Diving in Aqaba

A man scuba diving in Aqaba.
Enjoy scuba diving in Aqaba during your visit to Jordan.

Scuba diving in Aqaba, Jordan’s coastal gem, provides an amazing opportunity to discover the bright underwater Red Sea treasures. Aqaba offers an unparalleled diving experience because to its varied coral reefs teaming with tropical fish, underwater life like moray eels and sea turtles. Divers of all skill levels can enjoy the Red Sea’s superb clarity, mild temperatures throughout the year, and variety of diving locations, including the Japanese Garden and Yamaneh Coral Garden.

Best time: October and November are the best months for diving in the Red Sea. These months see warm waters and the best underwater visibility.

9. Scale the Adventure by Rock Climbing

Two tourists hiking in the deserts of Wadi Rum
Hike through the deserts of Wadi Rum as its blend of sandy floors and rocky outcrops offers almost unlimited possibilities.

With more than 350 rock-climbing sites, Jordan is the ultimate playground for rock climbers. Get ready to harness up, reach new heights, and explore a new side of Jordan’s wonders. Whether you are a professional climber, an enthusiast or a curious adventurer, Jordan offers plenty of climbing sites to suit your skill level.

Recommended spots:

  • Wadi Rum: Also known as the Valley of the Moon, Wadi Rum is a Unesco World Heritage Site and a popular rock climbing destination. Its dramatic sandstone mountains and vast desert landscape provide a unique setting for climbing. Various routes are available for climbers of all skill levels. Some of the most popular routes include “The Beauty” and “The Beast.”
  • Petra: Petra is renowned for its ancient architecture carved into rose-red cliffs, but it also offers rock climbing opportunities. Climbing the sandstone cliffs around Petra can be an exciting way to experience this historic site from a different perspective. The “Monastery” and the “High Place of Sacrifice” are two notable climbing areas in Petra.

Best time: The best times to visit are spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) when the weather conditions are mild.

10. Explore Jordan's Holy Site

The sight where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist at Bethany Beyond th
Visit the sight where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist at Bethany Beyond the Jordan.

Jordan is a must-see destination for anyone with a passion for religious history. Jordan, which is home to the Holy Land and some of the oldest Christian settlements in the world, is awash with stunning sacred sites that draw tourists from all around the globe.

Recommended sites:

  • Baptism Site ‘Bethany Beyond Jordan’: Al-Maghtas sits on the east bank of River Jordan and is considered the Biblical site where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. This UNESCO World Heritage Site draws lots of visitors, thanks to its range of ancient dwellings, churches, and baptismal pools.
  • Hop across the Israeli border into the West Bank to explore Qasr Al- Yahud, a national park that shares the site’s history. It also has a visitor center to help travelers explain the site’s religious importance in more detail.
  • Incorporate a trip to Al-Magtas with a tour of Mount Nebo, just 30 kilometers away. The Baptism Site of Jesus.

Best time: April to May and October to November are the best times to visit, as the weather is mild and the crowds are thin.


A hiker enjoying the view of Jordan's desert.
Experience the beauty of Jordan's natural landscape as you hike through the vast desert, enjoying unparalleled vistas along the way.

Hiking in Jordan is an invitation to discover the stunning landscapes and immerse yourself in a world of natural wonders. From rugged mountains to tranquil valleys, the country's terrain offers an exhilarating range of hiking experiences. These trails cater to every level of explorer, weaving through canyons, historical pathways, and even the mesmerizing allure of the desert. Along the way, uncover ancient mysteries, conquer dramatic gorges, and journey through pristine ecosystems.

Recommended hiking trails:

  • Petra: Traverse the ancient city of Petra, famed for its mesmerizing rock-carved architecture. The Siq's narrow canyon guides you to the famed Treasury, only the beginning of Petra's marvels. From there, there are several trails leading to other gems of the Rose City, such as the Monastery and the High Place of Sacrifice.
  • Wadi Mujib: Wadi Mujib invites thrill-seekers to tackle its dramatic gorge. Navigate the Siq Trail, wading through water streams, to get to stunning waterfalls and pools. This daring adventure is an exhilarating fusion of hiking and aquatic exploration—perfect for those seeking a dose of adrenaline on their Jordan trip.
  • Dana Biosphere Reserve:  The Dana Biosphere Reserve offers an intimate connection with nature. Hike through mountains, canyons, valleys, and plains, encountering diverse flora and fauna. This reserve is a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts.

Best season: The best time to explore Jordan's hiking trails is during the cooler months, from October to April. This period offers pleasant temperatures, making it ideal for both comfortable hiking and fully appreciating the stunning surroundings.


Jordan dishes and assorted breads, meats, rice in the table.
Enjoy a light snack of bread dipped in zayt and za'atar, a delightful Middle Eastern herb with spices and sesame seeds layered on a dough basis and baked as bread.

In the heart of Jordan lies its capital city Amman, inviting visitors to explore its rich cultural heritage and of course, exquisite Jordanian dishes. Amidst the tempting aromas of street-side falafel and a diverse array of mezze, you will find echoes of Middle Eastern heritage, Levantine fusion, Bedouin customs, and the legacy of the Ottoman Empire. As you relish these flavors and embrace genuine local hospitality, you will discover a symphony of experiences that intertwine with the whispers of ancient civilizations.

Must try dishes:

  • Indulge in Jordan's national dish, mansaf, a feast for the senses. Slow-cooked lamb, fragrant rice, and tangy jameed (dried yogurt) sauce create a symphony of tastes. Shared with loved ones, this dish symbolizes hospitality and unity.
  • Amman's streets come alive with the crisp and savory allure of falafel. These golden-brown chickpea fritters offer a delightful crunch on the outside and a tender interior bursting with flavors. Served in pita pockets or as part of mezze platters, falafel is a vegetarian delight that captures the essence of Jordan's culinary heritage.
  • Conclude your culinary exploration with knafeh, a dessert masterpiece. Layers of thin pastry, sweet syrup, and melted cheese create a symphony of textures and tastes that linger, offering a sweet note to your Amman experience.

Best time: All day, every day! However, the spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) seasons are particularly appealing as the temperatures are pleasant, allowing you to wander through local markets, enjoy outdoor dining, and partake in various festivals and events.


ma'in hot springs in Jordan in November
Located about 75 kilometers south of Amman, the Hammamat Ma'in hot springs are famous for being a popular bathing spot for Herod the Great and the Romans.

Unwind in Ma’in therapeutic hot springs and waterfalls, nestled among the rugged landscape of Jordan. These geothermal springs, rich in curative minerals, offer relief for arthritis and skin alignments. Marvel at the 70-meter “Hammamat Ma’in” waterfall cascading into serene tiered pools. Relax and rejuvenate in these hot springs while admiring the surrounding landscapes.

Best time: During the cooler months, specifically from October to April when the temperatures are more comfortable and pleasant to enjoy the soothing waters of the hot springs.

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