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From the vibrant streets of Tel Aviv to the ancient wonders of Petra, traveling from Israel to Jordan reveals a fascinating voyage through the heart of the Middle East. The proximity of these two countries, well-connected transportation links, and popular border crossings like the Allenby Bridge (King Hussein Bridge) and the Yitzhak Rabin Terminal (Wadi Araba Border Crossing) makes travel between the two fairly accessible. And you’ll be able to experience rich history, diverse cultures, and breathtaking landscapes in both countries. Begin your tour of Jordan from Israel to get a taste of both places. Read on for details on how best to travel from Israel to Jordan.

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Ways to Get There

There are many ways to get from Israel to Jordan, but the three most common transportation modes are bus, car, and plane.

By bus

A bus in the roads of Israel.
If you're seeking an affordable way to journey from Israel to Jordan, hopping on a bus is your wallet-friendly ticket to adventure.

If you are planning to trip from Israel to Jordan on a budget, getting a bus is a good option. Visitors can take a bus to Eilat in Israel and then hop on a taxi or walk 1.5 kilometers from Eilat bus station to the border. After border processing, you can get another bus on the Jordanian side. Buses run routinely from Damascus to the King Hussein Bridge and buses to Amman run every hour or so from the Jordanian side. The bus fare can vary, but it typically ranges from USD 15 to 30 for a one-way trip.

  • Distance covered: 219 kilometers from Tel Aviv to Amman, 257 kilometers from Jerusalem to Amman
  • Duration: Around 4.5 hours, but may depend on how long the border crossing takes.

Pro tips:

  • Before you travel to Jordan from Israel, check the dates and hours of operations for the border entry points.
  • Avoid crossing the border during Yom Kippur, when all the borders remain closed. Hours also tend to fluctuate on national holidays and on weekends.
  • Visa fees need to be paid in cash in the local currency of Jordan. 
  • If you are out of shekels or dinars, there are many money exchange agencies right at the border.
  • The bus fare will differ based on the location you take the bus from, but it is still quite affordable.

By taxi

Taxi parked in the Taxi stand.
Traveling by taxi not only offers comfort and convenience but also lets you soak in the breathtaking beauty of the countryside along the way. 

Traveling by taxi is a more expensive but convenient option for those who prefer a quicker and more personalized journey. Taxis can be hired from cities like Jerusalem or Tel Aviv to cross the border into Jordan, usually arriving in Amman. The distance and time will vary depending on your starting location, but it generally takes around 4 hours for the entire journey. Taxis can be more flexible in terms of departure times and drop-off locations. However, the cost can be significantly higher compared to taking a bus. You can expect to pay around USD 100 to 150 for a taxi ride from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem to Amman, Jordan.

  • Distance covered: 219 kilometers from Tel Aviv to Amman, 257 kilometers from Jerusalem to Amman
  • Duration: Around 4 hours

Pro tips:

  • If you are planning to take a taxi at the crossing, always ensure to agree on a price before you get into the taxi to avoid hassles.
  • Taxis tend to be more expensive at the border crossing compared to the cities and towns in Jordan.
  • Have some local currency (Israeli Shekels and Jordanian Dinars) on hand for expenses on both sides of the border.
  • Ride-hailing apps like Lyft offer a convenient and often safer alternative to traditional taxis. Download these apps and use them when available.
  • Some border crossings between Israel and Jordan may allow taxis to cross, while others may not. It's essential to understand the rules and regulations of the specific border you intend to use.
  • Plan your trip in advance to ensure you reach the border well before closure times.

By flight

A plane flying in the Jordan sky.
 Flying from Israel to Jordan offers the quickest route, ensuring more time to explore the wonders of both countries.

If you're looking for the fastest way to get from Israel to Jordan, taking a flight is the way to go. You can book a direct flight from Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport to Amman's Queen Alia International Airport. The flight duration is approximately 45 minutes, making it the most time-efficient option. However, flights can be relatively expensive ranging from USD 200 to 400. Several airlines operate this route, including Royal Jordanian, Turkish Airlines, Wizz Air, Ryanair, and Pegasus. Upon arrival in Amman, you'll have access to various transportation options to explore Jordan further.

Aqaba Airport (King Hussein International Airport), near the Red Sea coast, serves as an alternative entry point to Jordan, especially if your destination is in the southern part of the country.

  • Distance covered: 111 kilometers from Tel Aviv to Amman, 282 kilometers from Tel Aviv to Aqaba.
  • Duration: Around 45 minutes from Tel Aviv to Amman, around 1 hours from Tel Aviv to Aqaba.

Pro tips:

  • Times of Israel to Jordan flights can vary significantly based on the dates of your travel. Always check the flight schedule to see what times are available for your preferred travel dates.
  • When it comes to baggage checks and visa fees, you will have to take care of them at the customs desk. Most commercial flights include exit fees in their flight prices.
  • You can only choose between business and economy classes on this route. 
  • Royal Jordanian is the only airline currently offering nonstop flights between the two cities. Other operators may be found for indirect routes.
  • There is a small airport in Aqaba that also runs indirect flights between the two countries.

A quick overview of traveling from Israel to Jordan

Transport Mode Distance Covered Duration Why Choose This
By bus 219 kilometers (Tel Aviv to Amman)
257 kilometers (Jerusalem to Amman)
4.5 hours A budget friendly option with scenic views along the way.
By taxi 219 kilometers (Tel Aviv to Amman)
219 kilometers (Tel Aviv to Amman)
4 hours A comfortable and convenient option and it also offers flexibility to explore at your own pace.
By flight 111 kilometers (Tel Aviv to Amman)
282 kilometers (Tel Aviv to Aqaba)
Approximately 45 minutes It is the fastest option with a high level of comfort and convenience.

Whether your main priority is time-saving convenience, budget-friendliness, or the thrill of exploring diverse landscapes, the transportation mode you choose for your journey from Israel to Jordan will define your experience in these neighboring nations, providing a unique adventure through the region.

Jordan Tours

Nestled in the heart of the Middle East, Jordan is renowned for its captivating and diverse landscapes, ranging from the ancient city of Petra to the otherworldly landscapes of Wadi Rum and the serene shores of the Dead Sea. Visit the most memorable spots and learn valuable insights from knowledgeable local guides deeply passionate about the region on a tour exploring Jordan's awe-inspiring natural wonders, rich historical sites, and vibrant cultural heritage.

Craft your ideal travel experience with a customized trip to Jordan, perfectly matching your preferences. This flexibility not only lets you explore Jordan but also venture into its diverse locales, making your trip more special.

Embark on your Jordanian journey fully prepared! Before setting out on your Jordan adventure, we encourage you to explore our guide on the top things to do in Jordan and places to visit in Jordan. Additionally, consult our website for seasonal insights that can help you choose the best time to visit Jordan, ensuring you make the most of your trip.


1. When is the best time to visit Israel and Jordan?

The best time to visit Israel and Jordan usually falls within the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons. During these periods, the weather tends to be moderate and enjoyable, creating ideal conditions for outdoor pursuits and the exploration of historical sites. Conversely, summer (June to August) can bring scorching temperatures in both countries, while winter (December to February) can be quite cold, particularly during the evenings.

2. How close is Jordan to Israel?

Israel and Jordan share a land border, making them neighboring countries in the Middle East. The distance between the capitals of the two countries, Jerusalem in Israel and Amman in Jordan, is approximately 80 kilometers in a straight line. The actual distance traveled can differ depending on the particular route chosen and the border crossings utilized.

Published by Astha Joshi, updated on October 30, 2023

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