Malaga to Seville: Travel Tips

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Seville is known as one of Spain’s most flamboyant and vibrant cities and is an unmissable stop on any visit to Andalucía. Well-connected by train and bus, travelling from Malaga to Seville is an easy journey and one that is a must.

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By bus

The bus from Malaga to Seville is run by ALSA, the only company offering this service. There are around seven departures per day from the city and two direct buses from Malaga airport to Seville. The journey takes about 2 hours 45 mins. There are fewer departures on Sundays and public holidays. The buses are modern, comfortable and generally run on time. Buses from Malaga arrive at the Plaza de Armas bus station, a couple of kilometres northwest of Seville’s main tourist area. You may need to take public transport from there to reach your hotel.

Pro tips

  • The standard fare is around USD 25 but fares as low as around USD 6.50 are sometimes available – without the possibility of changing or cancelling your booking. These can be found online on ALSA’s website.
  • Some buses are “Supra Economy”. These cost a few USD more but are more comfortable, with more legroom and other features.
  • Malaga bus station is located around 1 km southwest of the city centre, next to the train station.
  • If you arrive at the airport and no bus is scheduled to leave for some time, it is easy to transfer to the city station by bus or train. The best option are the trains; they depart every half-hour and take 15 minutes.

By train

Malaga to Seville by train
Train journeys are be quick, easy-on-the-budget, and comfortable

Trains from Malaga to Seville can be faster than the bus, but the disadvantage is that the main train station in Seville (Sevilla-Santa Justa) is around 2 km east of the centre. Public buses connect the train station with the city centre, taking around 10 minutes. There are usually around 12 trains per day from Malaga, slightly fewer on Sundays and public holidays.

There are two types of train, “MD” and “Avant”. The MD is a regular train, taking 2 hours 30 mins to near 3 hours, and costing around USD 30. Avant trains are high-speed trains that do the journey in approximately 2 hours, costing about USD 54.

Pro tips

  • To transfer from Malaga airport to the train station, you can travel by bus or by train. The train is the fastest and most convenient option.
  • Malaga train station is located around 1 km southwest of the city centre, next to the bus station.
  • Train tickets can be reserved online on the RENFE website, the site of Spain’s national train network.

Other modes of transportation

  • A more expensive and convenient option is to pre-book a private transfer. The advantage is that you won’t need to wait around at the airport or transfer to the city station. The private transfer will pick you up you at the airport or at your accommodation in a car or a minibus.
  • Prices for a private car from Malaga to Seville start at around USD 300. A people carrier costs around USD 400, and minibuses start from USD 435.
  • Hiring a taxi at the airport is another option, but it is difficult to find a driver who will drive to Seville. Those willing to make the trip are likely to ask for a very high price.
  • You can also hire a car and drive to Seville, but traffic and parking troubles can be a big problem. Consider this only if you plan to make trips outside of the city.

Day trips to Seville

A wealth of attractions, Seville merits at least three full days on any Spain trip. Due to this and the distance, a day trip from Malaga is not recommended. However, if you are short on time, some companies offer one-day tours.

You will be picked up from your accommodation, either in Malaga city or along the coast. From there, you will be driven to Seville for a guided tour of the most famous sights. You may be given some free time in the city, after which you will travel back from Seville to Malaga in the late afternoon or early evening.

Seville is one of the many must-visit destinations in proximity with Malaga. There are convenient public transport connections between the cities and one-day tours are also available for those limited on time. So why miss the chance to visit Seville — one of Spain’s most compelling destinations?

Published by Marie Storm, updated on September 7, 2022

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