I enjoy planning trips for travelers that challenge themselves and go to places that are rarely explored. Adventure is always something I am keen to develop on a travel experience, as these kinds of trips provide experiences you'll remember for a long time.

Having spent time in the Andes during my first time here in Peru, I explored much of the Cordilleras Vilcanota and Vilcabamba around the Cusco Region. I also trekked around Ausangate, Choquequirao, the Lares Valley, Salkantay and more. These are vast mountain ranges with routes, natural environments and community cultures you're unlikely to find anywhere else. These experiences gave me the ímpetus to work in adventure travel.

Huaraz is a region that is becoming more popular for the remote environments and challenging circuits it offers, and as a company, we are designing new plans here. The Amazon Jungle is also becoming a more popular destination for adventurers, as it is one of the largest natural environments in the world. I'm trying to open up routes that differ from the traditional jungle lodges around the big towns like Puerto Maldonado and are developing exploratory and expedition style routes into domains that are more natural, less travelled, rich in wildlife and native habitats.

James's Travel Expertise

Primarily I specialise in trekking, adventure travel and local festivities and traditions.

I can customise bespoke treks in the Cusco Region, further north in Huaraz via the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash and also further south to Cotahuasi and Colca Canyon.

I also develop custom tours to incorporate different activities and locations throughout Peru, and I have extensive knowledge of other locations such as Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador.

James's best travel experience

The Andes is a special place and I have great memories of trekking around several of the routes here in the Cusco Region. More recently, I have been into the Peruvian Amazon, along the Madre de Dios, looking for new places and ventures. The scale of the river and the jungle here is awesome and the people that live here are just as friendly as those you find in the Andes. The further in you go, the more you realise how interesting life is here and the opportunities there are to uncover some authentic indigenous communities.

Why is James the right travel expert

I have lots of experience designing personal and customised tours in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle, specialised Andean treks and trips to festivals around Peru. I can take you on a trek deep into the Andes on tracks that are less explored and require specialist knowledge. Or, travel along the Madros de Dios in the Tambopata and Manu National Reserves, visit local communities, take routes that aren’t well travelled and see parts of the jungle that tourism doesn’t touch.