12 Great Vacation Packages in Germany

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The classic image of Germany is heavily influenced by the usual hackneyed clichés mostly involving beer halls, fast cars and punctuality. However, this narrow view vastly misrepresents the reality, and those willing to explore Germany for themselves will find a diverse land of great regional variation, proud traditions and rich culture. Germany is an excellent tourist destination on its own, and vacation packages in Germany can easily be combined with tours of Northern or Eastern Europe to make for an original and unforgettable holiday experience. 

If you are also interested in hiking, then check out the top hiking trails in Germany — these are suited for hikers of all levels. 

Below we give to you the top 12 vacation packages in Germany for 2019, in no particular order. 

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1. Black Forest cross-country ski tour

The evocatively-named Black Forest is one of Germany’s most naturally beautiful regions and it is waiting to be discovered on a seven-day cross-country skiing tour. This sport is widely recognized as one of the best ways to keep fit and this wonderfully active holiday package will see you travelling each day from one picturesque village to the next, passing through tranquil pine forests, open valleys and snow-covered meadows. Overnight in family-run hotels and gasthofs and spend one night in a homestay, allowing you a true taste of local Black Forest culture. 

Vacation packages in Germany demands a visit to the Black Forest
The Black Forest covered in snow during winter, making it an ideal location for a ski holiday
Vacation packages in Germany can be perfect for a ski holiday
Black Forest is one of Germany's most beautiful areas with stunning snowy landscapes perfect for skiing

2. Adriatic Express

If you want to visit the stunning Adriatic region but you are not sure quite where to start, this 19-day tour will introduce you to the best the area has to offer and more. On this varied tour, visit nine different countries (Germany, Italy, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, and Czech Republic) and be treated to wondrous natural beauty, sublime medieval architecture, fantastic cuisine, blissful relaxation and educational cultural visits. Spend nine nights in tents under the stars and the remainder in hotels or on boats. Highlights include three days sailing on the Ionian Sea and a visit to Dubrovnik, the fabulously picturesque city made famous by the Game of Thrones series. 

3. Berlin New Year

Looking for the perfect place to ring in the New Year? Berlin is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most exciting cities and is the ideal location to welcome in the new year. Berlin is not just about partying — the city is also brimming with history and culture, and this tour lets you sample as much as possible in just four days. Your guide will give you the perfect blend of culinary adventures, cultural visits and a taste of Berlin’s deservedly world-famous nightlife. Memorable experiences include a walking tour of the city, visits to Christmas markets and of course, the New Year’s countdown at the Brandenburg Gate.

For a great vacation packages in Germany go to Berlin for the New Year's
Ring in the New Year's with a countdown at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

4. Red Star Special

Starting in Berlin, this stunning 37-day tour takes you on an epic journey through intriguing Scandinavian capitals before travelling to Norway’s astoundingly dramatic fjords. After arriving in the far north of the country, you will cross over into Finland and begin to make your way south to Helsinki and then on to Tallinn, the friendly capital of Estonia. From here, the next stop is the historic Russian city of Saint Petersburg after which you will visit Moscow, Riga, Vilnius and Warsaw before finally arriving back in Berlin. This is the ultimate tour of Northern and Eastern Europe, combining historical cities and cultural discovery with some of the most spectacular natural scenery to be found anywhere on the planet.

5. Winter Spree

Starting in Munich, spend a week touring some of Eastern Europe’s most fascinating cities, including Ljubljana, Budapest, Krakow and Prague, before returning to Germany for one day in Berlin. From there, make your way to Amsterdam where you will have the chance to visit the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank’s House as well as taking a tour of the city’s canals. On this 14-day tour, you will also have time to taste some of the country’s beloved cheeses before heading across the channel to finish your tour in London. Before you begin your tour, check out some of the top things to do in Munich.

Vacation packages in Germany can be extended to Netherlands as well
A stunning evening view of Amsterdam against a scarlet sunset

6. Berlin to London on a Shoestring

A tour designed with more active and budget-conscious travellers in mind, this week-long package is the perfect blend of cultural activities and opportunities to party. Starting in Berlin, visit the city’s historical places of interest as well as sampling the world-renowned nightlife of the German capital. Next up is Amsterdam for more of the same, Dutch-style. The third destination is the more relaxed Belgian town of Bruges, where you will have time to stroll around the medieval streets. The tour ends with a big night out in London to celebrate the successful conclusion of your holiday.

7. Christmas Markets of Central Europe

One of the most authentic and magical activities during the festive period is to visit a European Christmas market, and every country has its own take on the tradition. This 8-day tour will allow you to meet the locals and sample some of the most awe inspiring Christmas markets across Europe. Starting in Munich and taking in Salzburg and Vienna before finishing the tour in Budapest, you will have the opportunity to taste Christmas specialities, indulge in a spot of shopping and generally soak up the atmosphere of these four vibrant cities.

Vacation packages in Germany is perfect to visit Christmas markets
Christmas markets across various cities in Europe is definitely a 'must see'. Pictured here is a lively Christmas market in Vienna.

A busy 12-day tour for keen travellers that packs as much into the trip as possible. Travel from Germany through the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria, exploring medieval cities, historic landmarks, old towns and many of the cultural and architectural wonders of these countries. A highlight is undoubtedly the performance of the Passion Play at Oberammergau in the afternoon of the penultimate day before you travel back to Munich for the end of the trip.

A classic 15-day tour that packs the best of Eastern Europe into one lively trip. This package takes your through Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, combining varied activities that allow you to discover these fascinating countries. Unforgettable experiences include visiting world-famous Viennese museums, sampling Czech cuisine and beer, and a poignant stop at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum.

Vacation packages in Germany can be extended to Czech Republic as well
Spend a sunny afternoon cycling around the Cesky Krumlov

A brisk nine-day tour aimed at those who want to discover something of central Europe but whose time is more limited. Starting in Munich, you will be taken to the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary where you will be able to soak up as much culture and history as you desire. One particular highlight is a cycling trip in the countryside around the picturesque medieval Czech town of Cesky Krumlov.

The ideal package for walking enthusiasts, base yourself at Oberammergau and spend eight days exploring the peaceful countryside on foot. You will see outstanding examples of local architecture such as the Ettal monastery and castles, and you will also pass through areas of perfect natural beauty. The trails are well marked and there are walks available for almost all abilities and levels of experience. Take a break from walking with a cable car and chairlift ride.

Bavaria is included in many vacation packages in Germany
The stunning Ettal Monastery in Oberammergau is a fine example of Bavarian Baroque architecture

12. A Taste of Scandinavia

The ideal package for someone hoping to combine a visit to two of Germany’s most enticing cities with a brief introduction to Scandinavia. After two days in Berlin and a further day in Hamburg, this tour takes you to Copenhagen, Denmark’s friendly and welcoming capital. There’s plenty to keep you busy there, including the National Museum or a visit to the Nyhavn area for the obligatory photo of the many-coloured waterfront buildings. Next stop is Gothenburg, across the Swedish border. There, you will have a day to explore before moving on to Oslo, the final stop on the tour and perhaps the most intriguing of all the Scandinavian capitals.

The possibilities for combining tours of Germany with trips to Northern and Eastern Europe are almost limitless. Whether you crave culture, history, cuisine, relaxation, partying – or just a mix of them all – there is a huge range of vacation packages in Germany to suit all tastes.

Published by Jane Andersen, updated on August 23, 2023

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