Germany in April: Weather, Tips & More

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Spring weather, clear blue skies, and flowers blooming everywhere—what is not to like about Germany in April? The whole country perks up after the lull of winter and gets ready for the incoming tourist season, which does not quite start until May. This is a great time to travel to Germany for a spring getaway while avoiding crowds. Visit some festivals and events in Stuttgart, Munich, and Frankfurt. Head over to Bonn to view the beautiful cherry blossoms or explore the urban attractions of Berlin. No place is off-limits in Germany in April.

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Germany Weather in April

Aerial view of business district of Frankurt in Germany during April.
Frankfurt is the warmest place to visit in Germany during April.

April weather in Germany is usually mild. Berlin usually experiences daily lows of 5 °C and highs of 14 °C. Frankfurt is the warmest place to visit, with daily highs of 16°C. The northern coast can be chillier. The alps still have some snow in April, but hiking trails will eventually open. While short and sudden rain spells are pretty common, you can expect close to 190 hours of sunshine in April.

Weather in Germany in April - Rainfall and Temperatures

Mar Apr May
Avg Daily (°C) -1°C 12.8°C 17.8°C
Avg Nightly (°C) 7.2°C 3.9°C 7.2°C
Avg Daily (°F) NaN NaN NaN
Avg Nightly (°F) NaN NaN NaN
Avg Rainfall (mm) 71 84 111

Why Visit Germany in April

Ferris wheel on a Spring fest in Munich, Germany.
Participate in different Spring fest games while you travel to Germany in April.
A hiker in inside the pine forest, Black Forest.
Go hiking in the Black Forest when you visit Germany in April.

Germany's weather in April is mild, and the tourist season is still slow, so this can be a great time to visit the country. With endless attractions in major cities like Berlin and Munich, and spectacular natural scenery in the Bavarian Alps, there is much to do in April. Here are the top reasons to plan your spring getaway to Germany in April:

  • Pleasant weather: Germany’s weather in April is mild with longer days and a lot of sunshine. This allows you to explore all the country's major attractions, from the Black Forest to the Bavarian Alps.
  • Better rates: April is still off-season for tourism in Germany so you can find flights, accommodations, activities, and rental cars at lower rates. But expect the prices to go up around Easter.
  • Fewer crowds: Except for the Easter week, you will find fewer tourists in Germany in April. This is a good time to explore the outdoors. You can go hiking in the Black Forest and Bavarian Alps without having to deal with tourist crowds.
  • Festivals and events: You will find plenty of spring fairs throughout Germany in cities like Munich, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt to celebrate the end of winter. April is also a great time to participate in other local festivals like Walpurgis Night and Spargel Festivals.

Where to Go and What to Do

Rheinsteig hiking trail passes through Koblenz village in Germany
The Basilica of St. Castor is the oldest castle in Koblenz, Germany.

April is a perfect time to visit Germany to view the beautiful spring blooms. Visit Cherry Blossom Avenue in Bonn's Nordstadt neighborhood, explore the many hiking trails in Germany leading to the Black Forest, and get spellbound by the magical nature.

Visit the regions of Rheinhessen and Moselle-Saar-Ruwer, home to many wineries that offer wine tasting and tours. For those who like urban adventures, there are many tourist attractions in Germany to choose from. You can explore Berlin which has an exciting nightlife and hip dining options. Explore the art exhibitions in Mitte or take a day trip to Potsdam.

April is also an excellent time to be part of local events and festivals like the Spring Fairs. The Spargel festivals, hosted by farms throughout Germany, celebrate the white asparagus growing season. For a unique experience, head to the Harz Mountains for Walpurgisnacht, a unique festival filled with bonfires and costumes representing witches and devils.

When planning your itinerary, explore this guide on how many days to spend in Germany.

What to Bring

A tourist in Germany with city map exploring the city.
For chilly evenings and mornings, a lightweight winter coat or spring jacket is required in Germany in April.

Pack plenty of layers because of the fluctuating temperatures in Germany in April. Breathable, warm clothing will keep you comfortable regardless of the temperature. A light winter coat or spring jacket will be necessary for cooler evenings and mornings. Do not forget to pack an umbrella or a rain jacket in case of spring showers.

April is one of the best months to visit Germany. It is the time of year when the country welcomes the arrival of spring. Tourist numbers and accommodation prices are also lower around this time. Enjoy the lovely spring blossoms, attend one of the many events, or explore the city's various attractions. Travelers will find breathtaking beauty in every corner of Germany in April. Make sure to book your trip in advance to land good deals, as tour and accommodation rates usually go up as Easter nears.

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Published by Astha Joshi, updated on March 27, 2023

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