Greece in May: Intro to a Greek Summer


The weather in Greece in May ticks all the boxes for a dream vacation. It almost feels like summer, but not quite; there is very little rain and days are filled with blue skies and lots of sunshine. Yet, it is not the peak tourist season in the country, making it easier on your wallet.

Take advantage of the ideal weather in May to discover the delights of this remarkable country. Enjoy the nightlife of Zakynthos and admire the lovely beaches of Mykonos. Revel in the vibrant colors of Thessaloniki’s main bazaar, Kapani, and get awed by the fascinating landscape around Delphi. You will never run out of things to do when you are visiting Greece.

Greece Weather in May

Blonde woman on a boat enjoys the view to the beach in Greece in May
The weather is generally pleasant throughout Greece in May, with warm and balmy temperatures.

May is the time when the weather in Greece transitions from spring and summer. Temperatures are pleasant across much of the country, with little rain and bright days. The average high temperature in Athens during this month is 23°C, while the average low hovers at around 16°C. The southern parts of the country are warmer than the north, and the last week of May is particularly good for swimming off the coasts of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese. On the stunning island of Santorini, with its rising crescent of cliffs and whitewashed towns, the average temperature fluctuates between 15°C and 22°C.

For a seasonal overview, check out our travel guide on the best time to visit Greece.

Weather in Greece in May - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)131417202530333429241915
Avg Nightly (°C)77912162124242016129
Avg Daily (°F)55.457.262.668778691.493.
Avg Nightly (°F)44.644.648.253.660.869.875.275.26860.853.648.2
Avg Rainfall (mm)5747413123116614535898

Why Visit Greece in May

View of fishing boats in Greece in May
As the high tourist season is yet to descend upon Greece in May, it is a good time to enjoy hassle-free traveling.
The small church of Agios Nikolaos in Greece in May
May is also one of the best times to go on an island-hopping adventure in Greece.

You are in luck if you are traveling to Greece in May. This month is one of the best times to discover this beautiful country. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider visiting the country during this time.

  • Moderate weather: The weather in Greece is near-perfect during this month. Spring is still in the air and summer is not yet here. Plus, little to no rainfall means you can explore the length and breadth of this enchanting land without fearing any disruption.
  • Cool deals: May is part of the shoulder season in the country. This means that you can get discounts on air tickets and hotels during your trip to the country at this time of year. If you planning a budget trip to Greece, May is one of the perfect months for it.
  • Less-crowded highlights: Since the summer rush is yet to descend on Greece in May, you can enjoy access to some of the greatest archaeological sites and best beaches in the world without having to contend with crowds.
  • Island-hopping: Some of the top island destinations in Greece are hard to access during winter because of infrequent ferry services. However, the case is entirely different in May, when you can go island-hopping to your heart’s content. From Santorini and Syros to Corfu and Cephalonia — no island is off-limits during this time.
  • Festive spirit: You can be part of some unique festivals and events in Greece in May. This includes the Feast of Saint Constantine, which is carried out in honor of the first Orthodox Christian emperor, Constantine, and his mother, Ayia Eleni. This festival sees fire-walking rituals in villages in the Macedonian part of the country. Another fascinating event that starts in May and continues for several months takes place in Kos in honor of Hippocrates. Children wear ancient costumes and play the flute while his famous oath is recited.

Where to go and what to do

Parthenon on the Acropolis in Greece in May
Witness the majesty of the great Greek monuments like the Parthenon during your trip to Greece in May.

Sun-drenched beaches, ancient archaeological wonders, beautiful islands, and endless cultural offerings — traveling to Greece in May will delight you every step of the way. Monuments like the Parthenon and the Acropolis of Athens beckon travelers from all over the world to the capital, which is home to numerous other highlights worth discovering. Embrace the calmness of the National Garden, learn more about the history of the country at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, and be part of the city’s vibrant nightlife.

When it comes to the country’s stunning islands, you will be spoilt for choice in Greece in May. Fall in love with the pastel villages, grand houses, and olive groves on your tour of Corfu. Feast your eyes on the endless miles of powdery sand in Naxos. Take a trip to Santorini, with its breathtaking views, and Syros, with its year-round cultural offerings and whitewashed streets, two perennial favorite destinations among travelers.

For a very different look and feel, head to Thessaloniki, once a major port city of the Ottoman empire. Discover its rich history in the city’s architecture and colorful markets. Tinos, located in the Cyclades, has started gaining popularity among travelers in recent days, not just for its lovely, marble-fronted buildings but also for its sophisticated food and wine scene. And May is an excellent time to visit the island. The past is never far away in Greece, and few other activities are as romantic as taking a tour of the ancient Delphi. No longer the religious center of the world, Delphi’s temple, and beautiful mountainside ruins will still transport you to a forgotten past.

What to bring

Girl posing on the Mediterranean island in Greece in May
The weather is all nice and pleasant in Greece in May so make sure that you have all the necessary clothing and gear to make the best out of it.

If you want to enjoy moderate temperatures and pleasant weather conditions in Greece, then May is a lovely month to visit the country. Since you will be walking a lot during your trip, we recommend carrying a sturdy pair of walking shoes. A light jacket will also come in handy as it can get windy in the evenings.

A trip to Greece in May is bound to be filled with excitement. We recommend spending at least 7-days in Greece as it would give you the perfect amount of time to experience all the highlights in-depth. You could opt for a 5-day stay if you have a shorter time on your hands. If you want an extensive tour of the country, you should definitely go for a 2-week trip to Greece. If you need more information on how long to stay in the country, check out our guide on how many days you should spend in Greece.

Our local travel experts can help you plan a customized trip to Greece. Reach out to them if you are interested in a personalized itinerary. So wait no longer to book your trip to Greece in November.

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