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Greece in February might not be suitable for the perfect Instagram post. The sky is overcast, the weather chilly with frequent bouts of rain, and snow can be seen as far down south as Peloponnese and Crete. But do not disapprove of the destination just yet! Greece in February is a beacon for budget travelers who are excited by out-of-the-box experiences. Now is the time for a crowd-free cultural exploration of Athens and to indulge in the gastronomic capital of Thessaloniki. While snow seekers can ski down the intimidating slopes of Mount Parnassus, sun-seekers can still find some warmth and relief in the southern islands of Rhodes and Crete. Safe to say, there are plenty of things to do and places to visit when on a trip to Greece regardless of during which month you are visiting. 

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Greece Weather in February

A female tourist enjoys the view of the snow covered Greece
February falls within Greece's winter months meaning temperatures leaning on the colder side

February falls right in the middle of the winter season in Greece that stretches from November to March. With an average temperature of 12 to 19° C, Athens is still considered warm by the otherwise freezing winter standards of Europe. The month sees the total precipitation of 60 mm spread over seven days with sporadic sunshine at the weather's will. The sea temperature is around 15°C, not great for a strip and dip.

Down south in Crete, winter is milder but pretty wet with an average temperature of 12°C and estimated precipitation of 118mm. The highs sometimes climb up to 16°C, and the sun appears for a total of 14 days during this month. The mercury in other islands like Kos, Rhodes, and Corfu hovers at 13ºC to 15ºC, with monthly rainfall ranging from 115 mm to 149 mm. Santorini is the driest island with an average rainfall of 81 mm and a daily high temperature of 14ºC.

Make sure to check out our travel guide on the best times to visit Greece for an in-depth seasonal overview.

Weather in Greece in February - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)131417
Avg Nightly (°C)779
Avg Daily (°F)565863
Avg Nightly (°F)454549
Avg Rainfall (mm)574741

Why Visit Greece in February

Empty chairlifts in a ski resort on a sunny day
Greece in February offers a variety of options in terms of activities with skiing being one of the popular ones
enetian masked woman with red feathers. Carnival in Syros island, Cyclades,
CaptionIndulge yourself in the many masquerades and parties during the Greek carnival

Not only does the weather in Greece in February offer plenty of cuddle moments to celebrate the month of love and romance with your partner, but there are also hosts of other benefits that create a pocket-friendly and people-free Greek holiday with a different flavor.

  • Lower prices: If you have craved a stay at those iconic, blue-domed, high-end Oia Resorts in Santorini, February will get you the best deals. It is also the cheapest month to book flight tickets to Greece. And, since the footfall is low, travel businesses drastically reduce rates to vie for your attention.
  • Fewer crowds: February might be off-season, but attractions like ancient sites and museums in the mainland are all open. If you want to dive deeper into the cultural aspects of Greece, you can skip the queue and the sweltering summer heat to cover as many highlights as possible.
  • Ski season: Discover the winter wonderland of Greece on the slopes of its mighty mountains. Whether it is Aráchova or Kalavryta, fans of winter sports will be left smitten by the gorgeous landscapes and world-class skiing facilities that these ski destinations offer.
  • Carnival atmosphere: Before the 40 days of Lent begins, Greeks binge on meat and dance away in a wine-induced frenzy at Apokries or the Greek carnival, a three-week-long celebration with parades, parties, feasts, and masquerades. And carnival customs do get wacky! Join the janissaries (unmarried men) in Naoussa for a masked dance routine or throw dyed flour at each other in Alevromoutzouromata at Galaxidi.

Where to go and what to do

Lagadia is a mountain village and a former municipality in Arcadia, Pelopon
Enjoy the quaint towns in Peloponnese which allow you to explore the romantic side of Greece during the cold weather

As most islands go on a hibernation mode during winter, February is apt for urban explorations and history hunting in the mainland. Head out to Athens to check out the cradle of democracy. While on a Thessaloniki tour, visit Pella, the birthplace of Alexander the Great. The cold climate is conducive for walking tours and food adventures, so try street treats, culinary classes, and thrift market visits. Do not worry if you miss out on the wild parties of Mykonos. Athens’ nightlife is buzzing in February. To take a break away from the city, go on a ferry ride to Santorini. Even February cannot steal its natural beauty, and its quaint alleys, sans crowds, offer a tonne of privacy. Since the weather is tricky, be sure to check the cloud cover if you covet the island's famous sunset. Back to the mainland, February is a decent time to visit Peloponnese, where you can check out the ancient Messini and Nafplion, Greece's most romantic town.

Greece in February will not offer you your run-of-mill, cookie-cutter Greek holiday. Balance your expectations with the country's limitations, and you will be rewarded with a budget trip that will be packed with unique, seasonal experiences. Granted that Greece’s weather in February is unpredictable, but armed with layers, wind jackets, and rain gear, you will be alright. Our recommendation would be to go for a 7-day stay in Greece for the ideal trip that would give you a taste of all the country's highlights. If you have a shorter time on your hands, a 5-day trip would work just well. If you need tips on how many days you may need to cover all these activities, check out our guide on how many days you should spend in Greece. For a stellar trip crafted to your desire, holler, and our local destination experts shall help you with a customized trip to Greece in February. 

Look no further to plan your Greece trip in February!

Published by Lucas Toft, updated on May 22, 2023

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