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Looking to explore Turkey when the weather is just right and resort crowds are thinning out? Then visiting Turkey in October might be right up your street. With low rainfall and pleasantly warming temperatures, it is a great time to explore all that Turkey has to offer without the oppressive heat that often accompanies the summer season.

If you are looking to visit Turkey for outdoor pursuits, such as hiking, biking or trekking, October offers the perfect conditions for this along with lower rates, thanks to it being the fall season. Also, if you are looking for cultural highlights and festivals, this month is jam-packed with exciting things to see and do.

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Turkey Weather in October

The front view of Anitkabir in Ankara.
With amazing weather and crowds starting to thin out, you can visit the famous sites in Turkey with great comfort.

The weather in Turkey in October is pleasant, with average daily temperatures of 18°C. This rises to anywhere between 22°C and 28°C if you move away from the reaches of coastal breezes to cities such as Ankara. This makes October an ideal month to explore Istanbul’s cultural hotspots, such as its famous Grand Bazaar.

Turkey also sees extremely low rainfall in October, with only an average of 30mm of rain during the entire month, making it a convenient time to explore the great outdoors or relax at one of the many splendid beaches around the country’s coastline.

If you are not sure if October is the right month for you, why not consult our seasonal overview for the best time to visit Turkey? It features weather conditions, peak seasons, activities and more!

Weather in Turkey in October - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)251811
Avg Nightly (°C)83-1
Avg Daily (°F)776552
Avg Nightly (°F)473831
Avg Rainfall (mm)203040

Why Visit Turkey in October

A backpacker hiking in the Lycian Way in Turkey.
If you are up for some adventure then go for some challenging hiking trails in the Lycian Way.
The famous hot springs in Pamukkale.
Nothing can soothe your sore muscles after an adventurous trip like a hot spring in Pamukkale

There are a lot of great reasons to visit Turkey in October, from cultural festivals and outdoor pursuits to uncrowded attractions. Let us dive right in and find out more.

  • Better rates: As October is part of the country’s shoulder season, many hotels, excursions and flights outside of the main tourist locations of Istanbul and Cappadocia offer more affordable rates. This allows you to do more with your budget or stay longer in this beautiful country.
  • Less-crowded beaches: Turkey has a lot of great beaches and resorts, such as Bodrum, which is one of the best places to visit in Turkey in October. With this being the case, it is rare to find an uncrowded spot. However, come October and the country sees a drop in tourist numbers, mostly due to decreasing temperatures.
  • Explore outdoors: If being in a city is not your thing, then you choose an adventure tour in Turkey. There are tons of beautiful and challenging hikes to enjoy around Turkey in October. One of the most famous, the Lycian Way, offers great views of the country’s turquoise coast.
  • Turkish Republic Day: The 29th of the month is a national holiday in Turkey. This is when the country erupts in patriotic displays, fireworks and more. There are celebrations all around the country on this day, but the ones in major cities are worth beholding.
  • Hot springs in Pamukkale: As one of the major tourist attractions of Turkey, Pamukkale is often teeming with tourists. However, October is an exception. In fact, it is better if you head for Pamukkale towards the end of the month as the weather gets cooler and you can enjoy its hot springs in peace.

Where to go and what to do

A boat with red sail in Bodrum
The Bodrum cup started in 1989 to promote and teach sailing to sea enthusiasts.

Fancy a glass of something delicious? Head to Cappadocia at the end of October for the International Wine Festival. Although Turkey might not be the first country that comes to mind when you think about wine, there have been vineyards and wineries in existence here for millennia. Grab a ticket and a glass and enjoy a variety of wines from boutique wineries. You might just find yourself a new favorite tipple.

If you are into something a little bit rowdier, check out the Rock Off festival during your trip to Istanbul. Taking place at the very start of October, it features the biggest and best bands of the Turkish rock scene. Even if you are not familiar with the acts themselves, this show features some pumping guitar solos and bass riffs that will get any rock music fan jumping around to their heart’s content.

Thinking of heading down to the coast in Bodrum? You have got to check out the International Bodrum Sailing Cup, which is held towards the end of the month. This regatta is as much a cultural event as it is a sporting one, with the boats on display during the show being made in the surrounding area in a traditional way.

If you are looking for a warm, dry month to visit Turkey that does not see loads and loads of tourists crowding around beaches and sky-high prices, October fits the bill pretty nicely. When you combine this with the vast array of events and festivals taking place throughout the month, it is no wonder that the month is considered one of the best times to visit this beautiful country.

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