My name is Alican and I am a nature lover. I used to be an academic, but I have switched careers to focus on travelling, which has been the major throughout my life. No matter what the subject in my class was, the topic seemed to somehow always come back to traveling!

I grew up in Turkey Blacks Sea region where there are many opportunities for adventure tourism. I became involved in organizing natural and cultural tours in the region. I also worked in Istanbul, a city with a rich living history, where I was involved in tourism activities. I earned a Ph.D. from Texas, USA, but now I live in Ankara and have my own tourism business that focuses on all around Turkey, specifically my hometown Turkey Black Sea, .

I view traveling more as an art rather than as my business. I am dedicated to satisfying my customers with professional and quality touring services based on my customers' wishes. I love making people happy with professional travel design.

Alican's Travel Expertise

I specialize in organizing natural, cultural, and historical tours all around Turkey. I am also interested in beach, romance, and relaxation vacations in Turkey. I am experienced in adventure and I can arrange any kind of natural/outdoor activity such as rafting, hiking, climbing etc.

I always keep group sizes small. I don't like large size groups since the control and mobility decrease with the larger groups. So I mostly prefer to work with individuals, couples, families, or small work or friend groups.

Alican's best travel experience

One time, while I was on a sightseeing boat tour in Istanbul with my clients, the boat staff served a variety of drinks to the travelers, including some kinds of alcohol. Our group was a diverse group that came from many different backgrounds, cultures and religions. Some Muslim travelers mistakenly drank the wine while they were distracted by the beautiful views of Istanbul. They assumed that the wine was cherry juice. As the organizer of the tour, I apologized to them for not being more aware. I felt bad, but I learned a lot there. Since then, I am always very careful about my customers’ diverse sensitivities.

Why is Alican the right travel expert

There are many reasons why I make a great travel expert. First, I have lots of knowledge and expertise around traveling in Turkey. I am also so delicate about my customer’s satisfaction. Initially, I find out my customers’ unique needs, priorities, and interests and then I provide options for them. I focus on designing tours as if I am the one traveling! Overall, my main philosophy is to assist my customers by providing the most quality service at reasonable prices.