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Weather and Temperature in Italy During Summer

Summer in Italy runs from June through August. Typically, temperatures average between 25°C and 30°C, but they are subject to vary depending on the region you visit. Southern Italy is comparatively hotter, with the mercury reaching up to the 35°C mark during peak summer, which falls in July. In Rome, the temperature could soar to a high of 32°C during the day. For cooler climes, head up north, where temperatures usually tend to stay between 18°C to 24°C. Italy, in summer, rarely experiences snowfall unless you head towards the mountainous region, where rain and thunderstorms are also expected.

  June July  August
Avg high 29°C (85°F) 32°C (90°F) 30°C (86°F)
Avg low 17°C (63°F) 19°C (67°F) 18°C (65°F)
Rainfall (mm) 6

For a seasonal overview, check out our guide on the best time to visit Italy.

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Why visit Italy in Summer?

Woman holding a cone of gelato during summer in Italy.
Indulge in Italy's sweetest summer treat - refreshing, creamy gelato that's sure to cool you down under the scorching sun.

Long days and clear weather conditions offer plenty of opportunities for sightseeing and activities in Italy. Here are some top reasons for taking a summer trip to Italy.

  • Events and festivals: If you are a music enthusiast, you would not want to miss the Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia, held in July every year. The festival features top jazz performers from around the world, making it a must-visit event for jazz lovers. If you are on a trip to southern Italy, be sure to catch the Festa della Madonna Bruna held in Matera in honor of the town’s patron saint. A lively procession and a fireworks show mark the celebration. The Verona Opera Festival and Venice Film Festival are also held during summer.
  • Cycle tour: Cycling culture is big in Italy. The country has an extensive network of cycle paths. Clear summer days are perfect for cycling through picturesque streets and scenic countryside. The Amalfi Coast and Tuscany are among the top sites in Italy to explore on a cycle.
  • Delicious cuisine: While Italian food is well-known throughout the globe, summertime brings about a wide variety of seasonal local delicacies. Savor cool beverages like Lemoncello and desserts like gelato, and indulge in mouth-watering dishes like caprese salad, bruschetta, and Insalata di mare (seafood salad), which are all popular light summer delicacies in Italy.

For more information, consult our Italy guide. You can also check out our best Italy tours and trips.

Top 4 Destinations to Visit in Italy during Summer

If you are planning a trip to Italy during the summer months, below are some popular destinations you would not want to miss.

1. Venice

The spectacular view of Doge's Palace captured during summer in Italy.
Experience the summertime grandeur of Renaissance architecture in the heart of Venice at Doge's Palace.

Venice is a city well-known for its intricate canals, arts, and architecture. Summer is an ideal time to tour Venice when the city enjoys balmy weather, with temperatures ranging between 25°C and 30°C. Visitors can explore the city's picturesque canals on a gondola or a water taxi, admire the Gothic and Renaissance architecture, and enjoy the numerous museums and galleries showcasing Venetian art and history.

Major attractions: Murano glass factory tour, canal tour, Doge's Palace, and St. Mark’s Basilica.


  • Venice observes several events and festivals during summer, including Festa del Redentore, featuring stunning firework displays, food, and music.
  • The city sees fewer tourist crowds than in the spring and fall seasons.


  • High humidity can make the city's narrow streets a bit stuffy.

2. The Amalfi Coast

Erchie Beach and a tower shot fom afar in summer.
Have a relaxing time at Erchie Beach, where the crystal-clear waters of the Amalfi Coast meet the warmth of the Italian sun.

Beautiful beaches and picturesque seaside towns are the main hallmarks of the Amalfi Coast. During the summer season, this popular coastal area in southern Italy enjoys the perfect weather for enjoying its exquisite beaches and exploring local towns and villages. This is also the best time to hike the famous Path of Gods.

Major attractions: Amalfi Cathedral, Positano Village, Erchie Beach, and Path of Gods.


  • Summer is a great time to enjoy the spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and the rugged coastline, with charming cliffside villages and towns.
  • The Amalfi Coast is one of the best places in Italy, where you will find delicious seafood and Mediterranean cuisine.


  • The Amalfi Coast is usually crowded, especially during July and August, and as a result, tour and accommodation prices also go up.

3.  The Dolomites

Alpe di Siusi during summer in Italy.
Experience the beauty of summer in Italy at Alpe di Siusi - the largest Alpine meadow in Europe.

The Dolomites in northeastern Italy are famous for their jagged peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and picturesque valleys. Summer is the perfect time to explore the region’s natural beauty on foot or by bike. The Great Dolomite Road offers stunning views of the mountain range and its surrounding valleys. You can also indulge in traditional cuisines, such as polenta, speck, and canederli in one of many mountain huts or restaurants.

Major attractions: Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Lago di Braies, and Alpe di Siusi.


  • Pleasant weather conditions are ideal for outdoor pursuits.
  •  You get access to various outdoor sports, such as skiing, mountain biking, and hiking, during summer.


  • Summer being the peak season, some areas can be crowded, especially around popular tourist spots like Cortina d'Ampezzo.

4.  Tuscany

Rolling hills in Tuscany captured in summer.
Escape to the rolling hills of Tuscany this summer and indulge in the breathtaking scenery.

Famous for its picturesque countryside, historic cities, art, and architecture, Tuscany offers warm weather and sunny skies during summer, with average temperatures ranging from 25°C to 30°C. Tuscany's coastline stretches over 400 kilometers (250 miles), with beautiful beaches and popular seaside towns to explore. The region is also renowned for its food and wine.

Major attractions: Versilia, Castiglione della Pescaia, Cala Violina, and the wine region of Le Colline Senesi. 


  • Many local festivals and events are held throughout the summer season, including food and wine festivals, outdoor concerts, and art exhibits.
  • Tuscany sees lower tourist crowds during summer compared to other popular destinations in Italy.


  • Some of the tourist attractions may be closed for the summer holidays.

Top Activities During Summer in Italy

Couple posing for a picture during their wine tasting session in Tuscany.
Savor the flavors of summer with a wine-tasting experience amidst the Tuscan vineyards.
Yacht tour in Capri.
Take on the ultimate summer adventure in Italy with a luxurious island-hopping yacht tour in Capri.

Whether you want to delve into Italy’s rich art and cultural heritage, unwind on its beautiful beaches, or indulge in food and wine, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Italy during summer. Here are a few of the best things to do while on tour to Italy in the summer season.

  • Go island hopping on a boat: Island-hopping is a must-do activity in Italy during summer when places like Sicily, Sardinia, and Capri open up to welcome visitors.
  • Take a road trip: Summer in Italy offers ideal road conditions for road trips in Tuscany, the Italian Alps, and the Amalfi Coast. Enjoy the stunning sceneries of vineyards, olive groves, and jagged peaks.
  • Go wine tasting: Italy is famous for its wine, and summer is a great time to visit some of the country's best vineyards and wineries in regions such as Tuscany, Piedmont, Umbria, and Sicily. Along with wine tasting, you can also partake in vineyard excursions with a guide and learn about the art of winemaking.

Travel Tips to Visit Italy during Summer

Summer in Italy is a peak tourist season, which means popular attractions can get crowded. So be prepared for long lines. Since hotels can also get filled up quickly, it is best to book everything in advance for a smooth and stress-free trip.

  • Many businesses in Italy close down during the hottest part of the day for a period of time known as the siesta. You can make use of this time to unwind, take a nap, or enjoy a leisurely lunch indoors.
  • Tourist areas in Italy can be crowded and attract pickpockets. Be sure to keep your valuables close and be mindful of your surroundings.While popular destinations like Rome and Venice are worth visiting, consider exploring lesser-known destinations such as Matera, Puglia, Cinque Terre, and Umbria. These places can be less crowded and offer a more authentic Italian experience.

With its stunning natural scenery, rich art, cultural heritage, and plenty of tourist activities, a summer trip to Italy will surely capture your heart and mind. If you need any help planning a trip to Italy, reach out to our local travel experts and get a personalized itinerary that suits your time and budget. Or, you could also browse through our pre-designed tour packages to Italy.

Italy tours in Summer
Published by Supriya Rayamajhi, updated on April 2, 2024

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