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Considered the wettest month of the year, Portugal in November unravels itself only to the most discerning traveler. The country will definitely dish out an inspirational holiday if you know where to look. You can tee off on a budget tour in Vilamoura, score some sunshine on the southern coast of Algarve, seek cultural connections in the centuries-old harvest festival of Saint Martin's Day, or castle-hop in the country's east. Armed with a flexible plan to battle sudden showers along with the right clothes and rainwear, you can bid travel woes goodbye. Throw in crowd-free and cost-controlled perks of a low and slow November, and this Portugal experience is sure to make even your bestie turn green with envy.

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Portugal Weather in November

Rainy night in Lisbon.
 It is the season of wet winter in Portugal in November. Nonetheless, it can make for a relaxing and refreshing experience.

November is when the Mediterranean wet winter begins in Portugal. Most of the country gets at least 13 to 15 days of rainfall spread throughout the month. Still, Portugal is warmer and sunnier than other European countries during this time of year. The weather is mild, especially in Lisbon, Algarve, and Madeira.

Lisbon reaches a high of 18°C while lows can plummet to 12°C. Rainfall in the city amounts to an average of 128 mm. Towards the north, places like Porto and the Duoro Valley receive heavy rains and are comparatively colder with rain battering the destinations for half the month. For some winter sunshine, Algarve is the best bet as it sports a maximum temperature of 20°C, while the minimum stays at 12°C. Though conditions are not perfect for prolonged sunbathing or swimming, you can still go for an occasional strip and dip if swimming in the cold is your mojo. The average sea temperature off Lisbon hovers at around 18°C during this time of year, while waters are a little warmer off the Algarve region at 20°C.

To check out the seasonal overview of Portugal, visit our best time to visit Portugal page.

Weather in Portugal in November - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)231815
Avg Nightly (°C)15129
Avg Daily (°F)746559
Avg Nightly (°F)595449
Avg Rainfall (mm)101128127

Why Visit Portugal in November

Young woman tourist walking down the stairs with famous iron bridge on the
Take the chance to enjoy all the highlights of Portugal without the hassle that comes with a large number of tourists.
Surf waves on the island Madeira, Portugal, a popular surfing tourist desti
Portugal in November sees some of the best waves for surfing sessions.

Like every cloud with a silver lining, traveling to Portugal in November has its own perks. Let us cast a quick glance at a few of them below.

  • Better rates: Whimsical weather aside, you can get enticing deals on flight, accommodation, and vehicle rentals during your trip to the country in November. Expect to pay as much as 50 percent less than peak summer rates for the same hotels and guesthouses.
  • Fewer crowds: With November being the start of the low season in Portugal, you will enjoy the country without jostling in a coach full of tourists or excited influencers butting in for a selfie at every spot. Relax and rejoice at trendy restaurants or explore the emptiness of resort towns. You will love a trip to the country in November if you are a solitude seeker.
  • Festivals: If you have a soft corner for history and horses, head to Golegã for the two-week-long Feira Nacional do Cavalo Golegã. Enjoy some up-close and personal time with the country’s local equestrian breed, Lusitano, while downing a copious amount of wine and food. For countryside culture, venture to Trás-os-Montes to celebrate Saint Martin’s Day on November 11. Sit around blazing bonfires and taste água-pé, or watered-down wine, while nibbling on roasted chestnuts as people sing and dance around the fire to celebrate the year’s wine harvest.
  • Outdoor activities: With a kinder sun and occasional dry days, now is the time to enjoy hiking through coastal trails like the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail. After the golfing high season of October, November offers less-busy courses and discounted green fee rates, making it a steal deal to tee off if the weather does not play a spoilsport. For experienced surfers, some massive waves await them at Sagres in the western Algarve.

Where to go and what to do

Panoramic view over Camara de Lobos, Madeira island, Portugal
Coastal areas like Madeira serve as the perfect backdrop for a relaxing and tranquil experience.

Escape the gloomy winter of mainland Europe to court some sun in Portuguese cities. November is perfect for city explorers since they will find cities like Lisbon and Porto stocked with exciting activities: walking tours, wine-tasting sessions, and gourmet outings at trendy bars and restaurants. Go gallery hopping or plan a museum visit if it rains out of the blue. In case the sky is clear, steal a lucky day to explore the Duoro Valley, something that is not advisable during a heavy downpour. Down south, plan a tour of Algarve as it is quiet during this time of year, with almost-deserted beaches and hiking trails. Now is a great time for a road trip through the southern part of the country. Drive through an idyllic coastal landscape, stopping by to see beach towns like Lagos and Tavira as well as inland towns like Loulé and Silves. For a relaxing island experience, head for Madeira. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the temperature is pleasant and you can explore Funchal and soak in its warm waters.

The key to the perfect Portuguese holiday during this time of year is to keep it flexible. Given the great express-train connectivity and the petite size of Portugal, you can get quickly transported to Algarve or Porto from Lisbon at a moment’s notice. If you are wondering how many days to spend in Portugal, we recommend a 10-day trip as the ideal length to witness all the must-see highlights of the country. If you feel like you don't have time on your hands, a week-long trip would also make for an enjoyable experience. And if you still do not feel confident, let our local experts customize a handmade holiday to Portugal in November for you. 

Say hello to your walking shoes and rain poncho before heading for Portugal in November

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