India in March: Festive Period in Cold Weather

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A trip to India in March signals the end of the cold season in India and is the last month of the shoulder season in the country. So expect fewer crowds and moderate prices. In the Himalayas, temperatures are perfect for hiking and outdoor activities during this time. Down south, in places like Bangalore and Chennai, conditions are considerably hotter, but fewer crowds mean emptier highlights and cheaper accommodation. Now is a fantastic time to tick off bucket-list destinations along India’s Golden Triangle, and participate in the Holi Festival or city-hop without jostling with fellow tourists.

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India Weather in March

View of sunny day in Baga Beach in Goa, India in March
Experience beautiful beaches in Goa on your trip to India in March

Owing to its size, India features several climate zones. Delhi, in north-central India, sees highs of around 30°C. But without summer’s blazing heat and winter’s dense fog, conditions are optimal for exploring the city. Although South India may not be as cool as January during this month, fewer crowds mean you can discover the best beaches of Goa or Karnataka all to yourself.

Up north, it is warmer in the Himalayas, beckoning tourists and vacationers for hiking. Manali in the northwestern part of the country features average temperatures of 21°C during the day. Browse through our travel guide on the best time to visit India to learn more about what to expect in India during different times of the year.

Weather in India in March - Rainfall and Temperatures

Feb Mar Apr
Avg Daily (°C) 23 18 36
Avg Nightly (°C) 11 15 22
Avg Daily (°F) 74 65 97
Avg Nightly (°F) 52 59 72
Avg Rainfall (mm) 18 13 8

Why Visit India in March

he Golden Temple sits on a rectangular platform, surrounded by a pool of wa
The pleasant weather also allows you to explore some of the most popular cities in India, like Amritsar (the Sikhs’ holiest place)
A hill station with snowy mountains behind it
Nestled in the laps of the mighty Himalayas, Darjeeling is a peaceful destination for anyone who is overwhelmed with the chaos of the rest of India

Many might find it hot in India in March, especially when they travel further south. Still, without winter’s biting cold and summer’s blazing heat, conditions are perfect for sightseeing tours and outdoor activities. However, travelers heading for the north of the country should not expect an intimate experience as mostly pleasant weather across this part of the country attracts more travelers, forcing you to deal with crowds at some point. Regardless of the month’s drawbacks, there are several excellent reasons to visit India in March.

  • Northern adventures: With temperatures that won’t freeze your socks off, the mountains in India’s north steal the spotlight this month. Head for a hill station like Darjeeling and you will be rewarded with sights of lush hills and excellent hiking opportunities in March.
  • Wildlife-spotting: Vegetation dries out as the mercury rises, drawing out Bengal tigers from hiding and making them easier to spot. Spy on these wildcats in their natural habitat at Bandhavgarh National Park.
  • Fewer crowds: With heat-averse tourists having thinned out, you will have breathing space on beaches and popular destinations across the southern parts of India in March. Discover destinations like Goa, Karnataka, and Kerala at your leisure.
  • Shoulder-season prices: The last month of the shoulder season offers relatively lower prices compared to peak-season rates. Get more affordable flights, hotels, and tours when visiting India in March.
  • Festival of colors: March sees the whole country celebrate Holi, one of the most popular festivals in India. Also called the ‘festival of colors’, Holi is celebrated with parties and dances.

Where to go and what to do

View of Jal Mahal on Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur, India in March
Jal Mahal is the perfect combination of Rajput and Mughal styles of architecture, India

You will find plenty of things to do in India in September. If you are looking for a cooler clime, you might want to head for the Indian Himalayas. Explore Dharamshala, where the Dalai Lama resides; enjoy the Seven Sisters Trek, which takes you to a bunch of peaks located in Himachal Pradesh; and kayak down the calm waters of Kashmir’s rivers. Now is also a great time to take on the splendid sights of the Golden Triangle, which comprises Jaipur, Delhi, and Agra. While it can get hot to tour Mumbai, the month brings very little rain in the city, giving you the chance to discover India’s financial capital.

You will start feeling rising temperatures during your stay in India in March. However, by and large, the heat is still bearable. Higher temperatures open up more adventures up north, where heavy fogs and snow will not get in the way of your itinerary during this time of year. Down south, expect fewer crowds and moderate prices – perfect when you are aiming to explore popular destinations. No matter where you go, the Holi Festival, celebrated in most parts of India, will add flavor to your itinerary.

Are you planning an Indian adventure? Contact our local travel experts for a tailor-made trip to India, or you can check our India tours in March.

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Published by David Lee, updated on May 9, 2023

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