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Introducing Japan

From Tokyo’s cutting-edge architecture to historic Nara’s ancient vibes, Japan expertly blends centuries-old traditions with hi-tech modernity like no other country in the world, making it a bewilderingly beautiful destination to immerse in. Japan’s incredible traditions, culture, and craftsmanship — think geisha, sumo, gardens, manga, and sake — are like no one else in the world. And don’t forget Japan’s world-famous culinary traditions like sushi and homemade ramen. Discover Japan’s greatest gems and explore its little-known nooks and crannies during your visit to the country.

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When to go to Japan

The best time to explore Japan is from March to May and again from September to November. Throughout the country, the temperatures are comfortable and the weather is usually splendid during these months. However, there is a risk of typhoons in September, so keep an eye on weather reports if you are traveling around this time. If you are planning to hike through Japan’s countryside or visit Hokkaido’s stunning parks, then June, July, and August are also ideal. To see the iconic springtime sakura (cherry blossoms), head to Japan between late March and mid-April. Learn more.

How long to stay in Japan

Japan will lure you to stay longer even after you have spent weeks in the country. It is, however, possible to cover Tokyo and Mount Fuji in four days. In a week, you can see the country’s most iconic cities, including Tokyo and Kyoto. Opt for a jaunt lasting between ten to 12 days if you want to see Kanazawa’s elegant temples and be captivated by Tsumago’s rural charms. If you wish to combine city sightseeing with a couple of hikes, like the enchanting Kumano Kodo trail, then allow yourself at least two weeks in the country. Learn more.

Must-visit destinations in Japan

Explore Tokyo’s pubs, museums, and world-class shopping district. Then take a Shinkansen bullet train from the capital city and head for Kyoto, whose historic center will transport you back to the Edo period. Get bowled over by the burst of creativity in Naoshima, a former fishing village that is now a globally renowned art destination. Cross the vine bridges of the remote Iya Valley on Shikoku island and channel your inner philosopher on the shores of Tohoku’s Lake Tazawa, Japan’s deepest lake. For a hike or pilgrimage, head to the famed and picturesque Kumano Kudo or climb Mount Fuji. For history, add Hiroshima to your list. Learn more.

Why book a customized tour?

LOCAL INSIGHT Whatever your interests, our expert trip designers have local knowledge of all the best spots to eat, sleep and visit, including famous sites and the off-the-beaten-path hidden gems. They know the places you want to go and will ensure you have the most memorable experiences.
PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE Travel where and when you want, with only places and activities you choose. We’ll build a trip that matches your unique interests and special requirements 100%.
STRESS-FREE TRAVEL Our trip designers will book your accommodation, transport, activities etc. to ensure that you get a completely stress-free tour. If you need support during the trip, you can always write or call the local specialist for help and recommendations.
TRAVEL LIKE A PRO Think of our trip designers as your ticket backstage. Special access, great prices, and local tips. Their job is to make sure your entire trip is perfectly planned, secure, and completely stress-free.

Customizable Tours and Trips in Japan

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