Greece in October: An Autumn Weather Escape

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Whether picking olives in Kalamata or digging your toes deep into the black sand at Santorini, a trip to Greece in October is an attractive holiday escapade. After the scorching months of July and August, the country heaves a sigh of relief as the pleasant weather takes over in October. The tourist crowd retreats, the sun is kinder, and winter rains are still a month away. With fewer people, fantastic water temperature, clear skies, and lower rates, Greek Islands like Mykonos, Corfu, and Kefalonia beckon budget travelers. Enjoy their myriad highlights like the beautiful Balkan lakes, historical fortresses, internationally acclaimed boutiques, and picturesque alleys.

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Greece Weather in October

White architecture on Santorini island, Greece
With nice, comfy temperatures throughout the country, Greece in October is the perfect destination to unwind and relax

Come October, the Greek capital of Athens has shrugged off its summer title of being the hottest European capital city and cooled down amply. With average temperatures ranging from 15°C at night to daytime highs of 25°C, and very little rain, it is an apt time for outdoor excursions to Athens. Temperatures on the Greek Islands like Santorini, Mykonos, and Kefalonia sit a little cooler than Athens, with average highs of 18 to 21°C, perfect for unwinding on secluded beaches, outdoor sightseeing, and catching the magical sunsets. Generally, the weather in Greece in October is warm — not too hot — and days are still long, ideal to pack in plenty in a day.

Make sure to check out our travel guide on the best times to visit Greece for an in-depth seasonal overview.

Weather in Greece in October - Rainfall and Temperatures

Sep Oct Nov
Avg Daily (°C) 29 24 19
Avg Nightly (°C) 20 16 12
Avg Daily (°F) 85 76 67
Avg Nightly (°F) 68 61 54
Avg Rainfall (mm) 14 53 58

Why Visit Greece in October

Underwater photo of woman floating in the sea
With the temperatures hovering between 20°C to 23°C, it is the perfect time to go for a swim in Greece in October
Beautiful seascape, Antipaxos island, Greece
It is also the best time to go island hopping while in Greece in October. The lack of a heavy tourist crowd can be a calming experience

Skip the summer heatwave and the winter gloom for a perfect fall Greek getaway in October. Listed below are the other benefits that Greece enjoys during October.

  • Lower prices: October falls right in the middle of the autumnal shoulder season when tourist demands plummet. This drop hugely affects prices, from international flight tickets to domestic transits, from hotel rates to activity tickets.
  • Fewer crowds: Summer cruise ships have sailed away, and the country's schools have also reopened. That means you can escape the twin troubles of overseas and local crowds and devote time to any experience or leisure with zero hassle or hustle.
  • Swimming: Though it is not as warm as in high summer months, water temperatures are still inviting, hovering between 20°C to 23°C in most of the coastal cities of Greece like Athens, Kefalonia Island, Corfu Island, and the Greek Islands of Cyclades.
  • Island hopping: The Greek Islands are a delight now with no peak season crowd or cost. The seasonal strong Meltemi winds have also died down, leaving the Aegean islands fit for sun, sand, and surf time. The beach hours can be stretched long as the sun sets between 7 and 7:30 pm. With softer sun, expect less sunburn and more awesome tan.
  • Festivals in October: Take part in Ohi Day on 28th October when Greece celebrates the 'Anniversary of the No’, a custom with roots back to World War II. Participate in parades and feasts or enjoy free entries at many of their tourist attractions.
  • Harvest month: Both grapes and olives are harvested during or around the fall. To experience an authentic rural Greece laced with traditional practices, choose an olive tour where you can pick olives and see how oil is made.

Where to go and what to do

A woman taking pictures of the Parthenon Temple at the Acropolis of Athens
The relatively cooler month of October makes it easier to go on a sightseeing tour of Athens

For an epic adventure, climb the mountain of the gods on a hiking trip to Mount Olympus. Be ready to find snow at higher altitudes and maybe some unpredicted rain, but not enough to deter a hiker. Down in the plains, the ancient citadel of Acropolis in Athens is a must-visit. Unlike the sunny summer, you will not have to hide from the heat. Plan a museum visit or two with some beach fun and in-between bites of scrumptious Mediterranean fares to craft a complete Athens experience. For some cultural immersion, October in Greece is a great month to explore the wine scene at Santorini and Attica at a slow pace. Also, now is the undisputed ideal time to make the most of the Greek Islands. Savor a colorful port life in Poros or lose yourself hiking the rugged wilderness of Hydra. For a brag-worthy swimming adventure, snorkel in the crystal-clear water of Kleftiko Bay and explore its dramatic sea caves and volcanic rocks. For more of our recommendations, check our guide on how many days to spend in Greece. The ideal length to explore the country in full would be 7 days for an all-around trip.

With the seawater still inviting and wet winters yet to arrive, Greece in October is made for island hopping, history chasing, or just plain beach lounging. With a thinner crowd to compete with and price slashes mostly everywhere, October is also an apt month for a budget-conscious tour to Greece. To extract the best of Greece in October, get in touch with our destination experts for a custom trip to Greece. Additionally, make sure to check out our other tours to Greece in October to plan your next trip.

Published by Lucas Toft, updated on February 9, 2023

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