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Indonesia is known for its beautiful scenery, especially its white sandy beaches and surrounding turquoise waters, along with its amazing food. However, as a country made up of thousands of islands and more than 57,000 kilometers of coastline, there are countless Indonesian beaches and it can be hard to know which ones are worth visiting. Here to help is our guide to our top 10 picks of beaches in Indonesia, listed in no particular order. The best part? You can visit these beaches all year round!

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1. Nusa Dua Beach, Denpasar, Bali

Nusa Dua Beach in Bali has long been recognized as not only one of Indonesia’s best beaches, but one of the most beautiful beaches in the world — and it’s easy to see why. If you were to picture paradise, it would probably look a little something like this beach. With plenty of white sand for sunbathing, watersport options, a Balinese spa, and numerous hotels, resorts and restaurants, this Indonesia beach should top your list. 

  • Best time to visit: For the best beach weather, visit Denpasar between June and September.
  • Known for: World-class hotels and all-inclusive resorts
Nusa Dua is one of the best beaches in Bali
Waves splash against the sandy beach in Nusa Dua

2. Kuta Beach, Bali

Kuta Beach is most certainly Bali’s main beach for tourists. As such, it is full of popular resorts, located mere minutes from the island’s international airport. With Indonesia’s signature white sand and crashing waves, Kuta Beach is a surfer’s paradise but is also great for long, romantic walks along the beach. 

  • Best time to visit: Be sure to visit in the evening to take in the beautiful sunset.
  • Known for: Some of the best resorts available in Bali 
Kuta beach is one of the best beaches in Bali
People having fun as the sun sets on Kuta Beach

3. Senggigi Beach, Lombok

With an adorable name and stunning scenery, Senggigi in Lombok is one of Indonesia’s beaches that can’t be missed if you’re a sea-life aficionado. The waters along Senggigi beach are crystal clear, making them perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Take a walk along the pathway that winds along the beach before stopping into one of the many wonderful restaurants in Senggigi town for dinner. 

  • Best time to visit: Year round! Lombok’s wet season is much drier than Bali’s, so visiting Senggigi Beach any time of the year should be enjoyable.
  • Known for: Snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities
Senggigi is one of the best Indonesia beach
The crystal clear waters of Senggigi are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving

4. Pangandaran Beach, West Java

It’s hard to deny that Pangandaran Beach is one of Java Island’s most beautiful beaches, yet it is also often referred to as one of Java’s best kept secrets! Located just 92 kilometers from the city of Ciamis, this is another Indonesian beach that is perfect for surfing. If catching waves isn’t your thing, there’s also a marine park to enjoy and plenty of white sandy space for sunbathing. 

  • Best time to visit: For the most enjoyable beach visit, go during dry season (May to September).
  • Known for: Great waves for surfing! 
Pangandaran beach in one of the best Indonesia beaches
Pangandaran is one of Java's best kept secrets and receives few visitors

5. Sanur Beach, Bali

With shallow waters, the most incredible early morning views, and white sand flocked with colourful, traditional Balinese jukung boats, it’s easy to see why Sanur Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bali. Ride a bike along the beaches paved cycling path, pop by the nearby Pura Blanjong temple for a visit (built from coral and decorated with inscriptions from the 10th century), and take in the many art galleries along the main street.  

  • Best time to visit: Tourists tend to head to Sanur Beach as early as 5:30 am for incredible views of the Bali sunrise.
  • Known for: Laid-back atmosphere with plenty of recreational activities
Sanur is one of the best beaches in Bali
Traditional wooden boats lined up on the shoreline of Sanur beach

6. Pink Beach, Komodo-Lombok

While Indonesia beaches may be known for their snow-like white sand, Pink Beach (or sometimes called Red Beach for its mixture of white and red sand) is a natural phenomenon that absolutely must be seen on any visit to Komodo National Park. This is one of only seven beaches in the entire world with pink sand and has been nominated as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Head away from the coast in search of some Komodo dragons, or dive into the waters for some snorkeling.  

  • Best time to visit: The beach is beautiful all-year around.
  • Known for: Its uniquely coloured sand
Pink beach is a famous Indonesia beach
The Pink Beach of Indonesia is one of only seven beaches in the world filled with reddish-pink sand

7. Air Manis Beach, West Sumatra

Air Manis Beach is perfect for those who love to visit the beach but also want to take in a bit of culture or history at the same time. This beach, located in West Sumatra, is reportedly where a young poor sailor named Malin Kundang was turned to stone after being cursed by his mother. These legendary (and convincing!) rock formations can be seen along the beach. Continue your stroll along the sandy beach to reach the small island of Pisang Kecil, translated to “small banana”, which can only be reached during low tide.

  •  Best time to visit: Visit during low tide so you can walk to Pisang Kecil.
  • Known for: Legendary rock formations and beautiful views of Mount Padang

8. Pandawa Beach, Bali

Indonesia beaches are often crowded during dry season, particularly in Bali. However, Pandawa Beach is a great beach in Bali if you’re looking for something a little more secluded. Nestled away among large limestone cliffs, this one-kilometer stretch of beach is great for anyone looking to take in some canoeing, kayaking or paragliding.

  •  Best time to visit: Visit Pandawa Beach in the month of March to partake in Melasti, a beautiful Hindu-Balinese New Year celebratory parade meant to purify the soul.
  • Known for: Plenty of space for sunbathing
Pandawa beach is one of the best Indonesia beaches
Pandawa beach is a great option if you wish to escape the crowds

9. Gili Islands

If you’re looking to really get away from it all, the GIli Islands off the north-west coast of Lombok are where you should go! Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno are completely free of cars and motorbikes, so you’ll have to get around on foot or by cidomo (colourful, beautifully decorated horse-drawn carts). Go on a scuba diving tour to explore the many wreck sites off the islands’ coast.  

  • Best time to visit: These islands get some beach-perfect weather in July and August, along with December and January.
  • Known for: Postcard-perfect sandy beaches lined with palm trees
Gili Islands are the perfect getaway Indonesian beaches
Gili Islands are perfect if you want to get away from the crowds and recharge your batteries

10. Sawarna Beach, Bayah, Java

You’ve never seen a beach like Sawarna Beach before. This coconut tree-lined Indonesia beach is located on the island of Java and is home to colourful coral reefs and plenty of tropical fish. Most striking, however, is that Sawarna Beach offers beautiful views of the Indian Ocean on one side and the vibrant rice paddy fields on the other.  

  • Best time to visit: Visit in the evening to take in the gorgeous sunset that sweeps over Sawarna Beach.
  • Known for: Unique views of the land and the Indian Ocean
Sawarna beach is a Indonesia beach famous for the coral reef
Coral reefs as seen in the early hours of the morning at Sawarna Beach

As you can see, there is no shortage of beautiful beaches in Indonesia, no matter whether you’re looking for a place to surf or just a spot to lay on the sand for hours on end. Beach bums rejoice! 

If you are planning a vacation in Indonesia, check out more tours in Indonesia to compare prices and itineraries. If you are looking for a more active holiday then why not check out hiking Mount Batur, one of the best hikes in Bali.

Published by Jane Andersen, updated on May 13, 2021

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