I am originally from London, but after buying a house in Portugal about 20 years ago, I eventually decided to move here full-time 10 years ago. Soon after, I started a travel service providing tailor-made vacations.

When I first started out, I wanted to make sure that I could meet some very demanding expectations. Initially, I focused only on the Algarve region, where I live, but then the focus was increased to all of Portugal. Later on, that focus was increased again to cover all of Spain and its islands.

I had to make sure I was familiar with all of the regions and cities. Now, I can say I have travelled the entire Iberian Peninsula and have the experience to offer you a wonderful vacation, no matter your interests or requirements. I know the best hotels, apartments and villas to suit all budgets. The best tour guides. The best sights to see and experiences to do. And all the different transport options to fit all budgets.

Steven's Travel Expertise

I specialise in tailor-made vacations to anywhere in the Iberian Peninsula. This could be the mainland of Portugal or Spain or any of the magical islands. In Portugal, we have the Azores and Madeira. In Spain, there are the Balearic Islands, which include Ibiza and Mallorca. Further south are the Canary Islands.

Nature, wellness, adventure, culture, food and wine, and honeymoons are just some of the areas we specialise in. Even if you have something a bit different, challenge me!

Expert Activities

Steven's best travel experience

Recently my team and I were challenged to do something very different. A couple asked us to organise a short trip to Barcelona; they were both architects with a keen interest in design and art history. They wanted to see Barcelona, but not the usual postcard images, they wanted to discover the secrets that the locals know about and learn about what is happening today. The trip required a lot of planning and discussion with the couple to ensure I could meet their requirements. We worked continually with the couple until every detail was agreed upon.

The hotel, in the center of the city, was tastefully furnished by a famous local designer to look like a private residence with a roof terrace and amazing views across the city.

For their tours, I contacted a local guide who specialized in design and architecture and was familiar with the local design studios. Some of the tours I organized included: The evolving art scene in pop-up galleries, artists' studios, graffiti, etc.; showrooms of local designers, explanations on shop fronts; emerging talent; street art; hotel rooftops; and architecture. I also managed to gain access to a design studio and a talk with one of their designers!

The final challenge was the restaurants. I needed both great design and food. I also needed someone to give a brief talk on the design aspects of each restaurant. I had to research local designers and local chefs. All were booked for them.

Needless to say, they had a wonderful vacation.

Why is Steven the right travel expert

Let's talk about the process. I want to make sure you get the best service from the moment I am approached and from the initial discussion to understand what type of vacation you want. Some people have very exact requirements, while others have a blank piece of paper and need help to complete it. We can work through as many iterations of your itinerary as required to ensure it's perfect and meets your budget, even before the deposit.

During your vacation, I and my team are your concierges. We are there to look after you and to resolve any issues that occur. We are there to make any last-minute changes you need. There to book something for you. A restaurant, a theatre. Whatever is needed.

I want you to have a great vacation!