I am an Italian girl who lives in Spain. I fell in love with Spanish culture and Spain a long time ago while studying foreign languages at school. It was love at first sight!

I began working in tourism while living in a very crowded and popular destination in Italy. With a desire to improve the industry toward a more sustainable way of traveling, I specialized in sustainable tourism and decided I wanted to be an expert travel designer for Spain. So I followed my dream and moved to Spain! This country feels like home to me. I love the culture, food, and how people are so welcoming.

Traveling is a passion and the experiences I had abroad enriched me and made me the person I am today. I'd love to make someone else's dream to travel the world come true.

Giulia's Travel Expertise

I specialize in sustainable, responsible tourism and ecotourism. Trips that have a strong connection with nature, give attention to the environment and aim to improve local people's lives and the local economy. Tailor-made trips take into account the travelers' passions and desires and enrich them along the journey. I also focus on gastronomic trips, giving travelers the opportunity to taste and enjoy real local food.

Giulia's best travel experience

When I was a young girl, I had an amazing experience with school in the United States. I went up the Empire State Building and despite being a little scared (I'm not a big fan of heights) I admired one of the most beautiful urban views in the world. I was enchanted by the lights of the city and I felt so small in comparison to such vastness.

Why is Giulia the right travel expert

I believe that I can give you what you are looking for from your trip. I will be able to design a tailor-made trip based on your passions and desires and I will take care of your needs. I am also certified in sustainable tourism and you won't find another travel expert and local agency offering such trips in Spain!